Ingenium Pharmaceuticals INGENOtyping Agreement With Bayer HealthCare AG (BAY) Meets Milestone For Genetic Model Production 
10/19/2005 5:11:31 PM

MUNICH, Germany, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG announced today milestone achievement in the company's INGENOtyping(TM) agreement under which Ingenium develops specific genetic mouse models for Bayer HealthCare AG. The agreement stipulated the development of mouse models for Bayer target genes, a milestone that Ingenium reached with the recent delivery of the first required genetic model. No financial terms or further details of the ongoing agreement have been disclosed.

"The ability to access high-value genetic models is critical to overall pharmaceutical development success. INGENOtyping(TM) can provide a significant benefit to the process and we are pleased to demonstrate this to Bayer," said Michael C. Nehls, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of Ingenium. "Ingenium looks forward to an ongoing fruitful collaboration with Bayer."

Ingenium's INGENOtyping(TM) technology is a high-speed tool for the in vivo validation of drug targets. INGENOtyping(TM) produces in as little as four months murine models that carry unique genetic alterations in any target gene of interest. These models include knockouts as well as more subtle functional alterations, such as increased and reduced gene target activity. The technology has also been successfully applied to create genetic rat models, rapidly and on an industrial scale. The INGENOtyping(TM) technology is based on a genetically subtle chemical process that generates point mutations in genes and Ingenium's expertise in quickly and reliably producing rodent genetic models.

About Bayer HealthCare AG

Bayer HealthCare AG, a subgroup of Bayer AG with sales of approximately 8.9 billion Euro in 2003, is one of the world's leading, innovative companies in the health care and medical products industry.

The company combines the global activities of the divisions Animal Health, Biological Products, Consumer Care, Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. 34,600 people are employed by Bayer HealthCare worldwide.

Our aim is to discover and manufacture innovative products that will improve human and animal health worldwide. Our products enhance well-being and quality of life by diagnosing, preventing and treating disease.

About Ingenium Pharmaceuticals

The basis of Ingenium's business is its knowledge and expertise in generating the biological information critical to the discovery, validation and development of therapeutics. Ingenium's drug discovery technologies combine functional genetics in the rodent model system with proprietary, therapeutic goal-oriented biological screens and advanced pathway analysis. From the breadth of knowledge generated by the company's Deductive Genomics(R) technology, Ingenium is currently advancing a portfolio of drug targets in the areas of immunology, obesity/diabetes, and neurological disorders. The company's INGENOtyping(TM) platform offers the most rapid access to innovative rodent models for drug discovery and development and drug target validation. Ingenium has multiple research partnership agreements with biopharmaceutical companies across the industry, including such companies as Elan Corporation, Bayer AG, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., and Wyeth in addition to numerous international academic collaborations.

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