New In MWG Biotech AG's Portfolio: ExpressArt mRNA Amplification Kits By artus GmbH Facilitate Micro Array Experiments With Lowest Amounts Of Input Total RNA 
10/19/2005 5:08:57 PM

MWG Biotech AG (FWB:NWU), Ebersberg, will engage in the world-wide distribution of the ExpressArt(R) product line of unique mRNA amplification kits (excluding Great Britain, Japan and Switzerland), starting in September 2004. These unique RNA amplification kits cover the "Full Range" of input total RNA and are available in three versions for nano-, pico- and microgram amounts of input total RNA. Additional kits for the amplification of bacterial mRNA, for severely degraded RNAs from difficult samples, and from paraffin-embedded tissues will be launched before the end of 2004. The ExpressArt(R) product line is based on a novel technology, developed and patented by the Biotech company artus GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. The ExpressArt(R) product line is compatible with all microarray platforms.