May Drug Eluting Stent Utilization Data Announced By Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, LLC 
10/19/2005 5:08:51 PM

ATLANTA, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, LLC, announces May utilization of coronary stent devices. Following the release of the new drug eluting stent (DES) Taxus by Boston Scientific in February, 2004, the shifts in actual utilization of coronary stents patients has been remarkable. Before the release of Taxus, the average DES utilization was 55.24% of all coronary stent cases. Since the release of Taxus in February, there has been a monthly increase in utilization. May data demonstrates 77.53% of all coronary stent cases are utilizing DES. This is up 3.15% from the month of April.

Of the DES stents utilized in April, the J&J Cypher stent represented 34.22% of utilization verses 65.78% with Taxus. The month of May demonstrates increased utilization of Cypher to 41.75% with Taxus decreasing to 58.25%.

With this new technology, the cost to provide coronary stent procedures has increased. Based on the overall increase in utilization, the average device cost for coronary stent procedures has increased by an average of $1,858.63 per case. A hospital performing 1,500 coronary stent procedures a year is experiencing increased cost of approximately $2.8 million dollars.

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