Coffee May Cut Risk Of Deadly Form Of Prostate Cancer, Harvard Medical School Study  
12/8/2009 6:46:15 AM

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TIME -- Preliminary research presented this week at the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research conference in Houston, reveals promising findings about the role that exercise, coffee and even hops could play in the fight against prostate cancer. An analysis of activity levels among 2,686 prostate cancer patients showed that men who jogged, played tennis or participated in other comparable exercise for an average of three or more hours per week had 35% lower mortality rates than those who exercised less frequently or not at all. For patients who walked regularly—for four or more hours per week—overall mortality rates were 23% lower than those of men who walked for fewer than 20 minutes per week. And for those who kept up a brisk pace while walking, the benefits were even more pronounced: Prostate cancer patients who maintained a faster walking pace for 90 minutes or more each week had 51% lower risk of mortality from any cause, compared with those who strolled for fewer than 90 minutes each week.