Hematech Achieves Milestone In Development Of Human Polyclonal Antibody Production System 
10/19/2005 5:11:35 PM

Hematech, LLC and Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd, announced today that Hematech has reached a milestone in the development of its bovine production system for the creation of fully human polyclonal antibodies. The milestone was achieved with the successful production of calves that carry the human heavy and light chain antibody genes but lack both copies of the bovine heavy chain antibody gene (or the immunoglobulin gene). As a result, Hematech received an undisclosed milestone payment from its collaborator, Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. The sequential gene targeting technology that enabled Hematech to knock out the bovine heavy chain antibody genes will be published by researchers from Hematech and Kirin in the June 6, 2004 Advanced Online Publications on the Nature Genetics website.