Dowpharma (DOW) Consolidates Biopharmaceutical Process Development To San Diego 
10/19/2005 5:11:29 PM

Dowpharma, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, will consolidate its biopharmaceutical customer process development activities to Dow's Research & Development (R&D) biotechnology site located in San Diego, Calif. Process development activities from Dowpharma's Stony Brook, N.Y. facility will now be integrated into the San Diego facility. The San Diego site, located in a regional biotech hub, will focus on the rapid process development and scale-up of client production processes for therapeutic proteins and peptides expressed in various systems. "The cutting-edge work at San Diego is exemplified by the development and recent launch of PROTEIN FACTORY, a novel Pseudomonas fluorescens based expression technology from Dowpharma, for the production of therapeutic proteins and peptides," says Nick Hyde, business director, Dowpharma. "Integrating all of our biopharmaceutical customer process development activities will allow us to leverage the significant resources and expertise that exist within Dow's biotechnology R&D. It will enable us to offer our customers state-of-the-art capabilities. Dowpharma is committed to becoming a leader in biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing and will continue to invest in opportunities that will allow us to help make affordable medicines for our customers," states Hyde.