Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital Enhances Safety With Nellcor Pulse Oximetry Technology 
10/19/2005 5:11:17 PM

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Nellcor, the market leader and global innovator of intelligent pulse oximetry solutions, today announced that clinicians at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, a premier provider of pediatric healthcare services in South Florida, are using the Nellcor(R) Oxinet(R) III Central Station and Paging System to enhance safety and comply with JCAHO 2004 National Patient Safety Goals.

"On our medical-surgical floors, we care for pediatric patients of all different ages with a wide variety of diagnoses," said Maggie Hansen, RN, Pediatric Nurse Manager, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. "In the past, it was challenging to provide continuous pulse oximetry monitoring on the floors since it was difficult to hear the alarms from the patients' rooms. We would often place patients in the ICU for pulse oximetry monitoring, but since their conditions did not necessitate this level of high-acuity care, it was poor use of our resources.

"The Nellcor Oxinet III system has made the floors a much safer place for our patients," Hansen continued. "We can safely monitor patients on the floor and conserve our ICU resources for patients who really need them. By using the Oxinet III system, we have also prevented an environment of alarm complacency and complied with the 2004 JCAHO goal of improving the effectiveness of clinical alarm systems."

Designed specifically for the General Care Floor, the Oxinet III Central Station and Paging System allows up to 24 Nellcor bedside pulse oximeters to be linked to a central station monitor display, where clinicians are alerted to alarm events. The system includes an option for pagers worn by clinical staff that supplements the bedside and central station alarms to help staff respond to patients faster. The Oxinet III system is compatible with Nellcor's latest OxiMax N-595 Pulse Oximeter, which features SatSeconds(TM) Alarm Management technology, a safe, practical way to reduce nuisance alarms.

"Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital employs the perfect mix of Nellcor pulse oximetry technology for optimal patient monitoring on the General Care Floor," said Dan Roth, Director of Marketing, Nellcor Oximetry. "From our sophisticated OxiMax monitors and sensors to our alarm management technology for reducing nuisance alarms, and remote telemetry options, our suite of leading-edge pulse oximetry solutions helps our customers meet specialized clinical needs, while controlling costs. This is why we continue to achieve such tremendous success in the marketplace."

About Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is a premier provider of pediatric healthcare services for the South Florida community and beyond. Named for the legendary baseball player, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital has one of the largest, most diverse groups of pediatric specialists in the region. Named "Best Hospital for Pediatrics" in Broward County eight years in a row by South Florida Parenting magazine, the hospital has also been honored for its emergency care and nursing staff.

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