Ingenium Pharmaceuticals Acquires Pivotal Patents For INGENOtyping Platform 
10/19/2005 5:11:16 PM

MUNICH, Germany, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG has acquired outright US patents no. 5,994,075 and no. 6,015,670 from Incyte Corporation , the company announced today. Ingenium previously maintained a license to these patents, which enabled Ingenium freedom to provide genetic mouse and rat models, developed using its INGENOtyping(TM) technology, to partners in the United States. INGENOtyping(TM) is an innovative method for producing rodent models with subtle gene alterations for use in drug discovery and development and drug compound testing.

"Acquiring these patents enables us to secure our pole position in developing and providing genetic rat and mouse models, including knockouts as well hyper- and hypomorphic models, to our current and future partners in the US," commented Michael C. Nehls, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Ingenium. "We have seen the value of the INGENOtyping(TM) technology for our internal research as well as for the drug development efforts at biopharmaceutical companies across the industry."

Ingenium's INGENOtyping(TM) technology is a high-speed method for producing mouse or rat models that carry unique genetic alterations in any target gene of interest. These models include knockouts as well as more subtle functional alterations, such as increased and reduced gene target activity. Ingenium's INGENOtyping(TM) technology is based on a genetically subtle chemical process that generates point mutations in genes and Ingenium's expertise in quickly and reliably producing and analyzing mammalian models of disease.

The basis of Ingenium's business is its knowledge and expertise in generating the biological information critical to the discovery, validation and development of therapeutics. Ingenium's drug discovery technologies combine functional genetics in the rodent model system with proprietary, therapeutic goal-oriented biological screens and advanced biological pathway analysis. From the breadth of knowledge generated by the company's Deductive Genomics(R) technology, Ingenium is currently advancing a portfolio of validated therapeutic concepts in the areas of inflammation, obesity/diabetes, and neurobiology. The company's INGENOtyping(TM) platform offers the most rapid access to innovative rat and mouse models for drug discovery and development and drug target validation. Ingenium has corporate agreements with multiple companies, including Bayer AG, Elan Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. and Wyeth, in addition to numerous international academic collaborations.

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