LabForce Becomes Distributor For Chip-Man Technologies In Switzerland  
10/21/2009 2:09:33 PM

Chip-Man Technologies’ innovative Cell-IQ live cell imaging and analysis platform is now available to academic and industrial research laboratories in Switzerland through LabForce AG, supplier of cell and molecular biology reagents and instruments. Chip-Man Technologies’ unique system is a powerful tool for researchers wishing to study cell lines, primary cell, co-cultures and mono-layer tissue models.

The Cell-IQ system allows scientists to study live cell behaviour in an optimised and stable environment and automatically analyses the findings, supporting the research efforts of scientists in areas such as cell biology, functional genomics, drug discovery, in vitro fertilisation, in vitro toxicology and regenerative medicine. The Cell-IQ is accompanied by easy-to-use software, and is capable of many different investigations, such as the continuous observation of cells and automated recognition of dead and live cells, which can be particularly useful for the rapid determination of the IC50 of compounds.

Dr Christiane Klas, CEO and cofounder of LabForce, said: “We are very excited to be working with Chip-Man Technologies and supplying its automated cellular research solutions in Switzerland. There are many researchers from universities, research hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Switzerland who are already very interested in the Cell-IQ platform, because it is so versatile and capable of performing a range of investigations that would otherwise require several different instruments.”

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