Amersham Biosciences Advances Analysis Of Gene Expression With New CodeLink Human Whole Genome Bioarray 
10/19/2005 5:10:42 PM

55,000 gene targets represented on a single array offer the highest available content

PISCATAWAY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 5, 2004-- Amersham Biosciences, the life sciences business of Amersham (LSE:, NYSE:, OSE: AHM), announces the addition of the CodeLink(TM) Human Whole Genome Bioarray to its CodeLink range. The first CodeLink bioarray to offer comprehensive genome-wide expression profiling of an entire genome is the result of significant advancements made to the CodeLink platform. This new whole genome bioarray enables researchers to significantly discover more by consolidating genome-wide expression profiling into a single chip microarray experiment and increasing the assay sensitivity.

With 54,841 gene targets, the new CodeLink Human Whole Genome Bioarray has the highest content of any commercially available human microarray on a single chip. The majority of this content has been functionally validated to ensure each experiment generates the most biologically meaningful results.

The CodeLink Human Whole Genome Bioarray significantly improves productivity by consolidating genome-wide expression profiling into a single microarray experiment. The new bioarray has superior sensitivity to other whole genome arrays, consistently detecting transcripts at a level of 1:900,000 (around 0.3 copies per cell). This enables researchers to detect genes expressed at very low levels.

"This new bioarray- manufactured to established Six-Sigma(TM) standards -- addresses researchers' need to assay whole genomes on one chip with ensured accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity." said Sam Raha, Vice President of CodeLink at Amersham Biosciences. "It offers the highest throughput of any human genome bioarray in terms of the number of genes assayed per array, both in the coverage of the genome and in the ability to detect very low abundance genes. This will help researchers to study potentially new expression profiles in applications such as drug target identification and biomarker discovery."

The new bioarray is compatible with the existing CodeLink platform, which includes hardware, reagents and accessories. The CodeLink Expression Analysis Software for data analysis has been improved and upgraded for analysis of whole genome bioarrays. Data generated using the new CodeLink whole genome bioarray is backwards compatible with data generated with previous lower density CodeLink human bioarrays so researchers can continue to use existing data as part of future studies.

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