Ionix Pharmaceuticals Increases Efficiency With ActivityBase From IDBS 
10/19/2005 5:10:39 PM

IDBS, provider of integrated data management, analysis and decision-making software for biopharmaceutical discovery research, announced today that Ionix Pharmaceuticals Ltd of Cambridge, UK, has implemented IDBS’ ActivityBase suite. Ionix Pharmaceuticals is a leading research-based drug discovery organisation focusing on the discovery of novel analgesics for treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Ionix Pharmaceuticals will deploy ActivityBase to capture, manage and integrate biological, chemical and inventory data. The company has implemented the ActivityBase software suite to cover its work process from registration of novel molecules, compound management using the ActivityBase Inventory Management module (AIM), and entry and manipulation of data from screening and secondary assays. Efficiency has been significantly enhanced by using the automation facilities of ActivityBase, which allow real-time screening data entry and analysis. The integrated solution offered by ActivityBase provides a single repository of information for both chemists and biologists. In addition, Ionix will use IDBS’ ChemXtra data cartridge to facilitate development and integration of custom workflow management processes that are chemically-aware.