NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Drug Discovery Collaboration With AstraZeneca (AZN) 
10/19/2005 5:10:35 PM

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on applying novel screening and chemistry technologies to discover and develop small molecule drugs, recently announced they have signed a research and discovery collaboration agreement with AstraZeneca , a major international pharmaceutical company. This collaboration will focus on the discovery of small molecules aimed at certain human diseases, including oncologic, infection, cardiovascular, central nervous system (CNS) and inflammatory diseases.

Under the terms of this agreement, NeoGenesis will use its unique drug discovery technologies, including its proprietary ALIS (Automated Ligand Identification System) platform, NeoMorph compound libraries and lead optimization technologies to discover drug candidates against selected targets.

Henry Skinner, Ph.D., president and CEO of NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., said, "We are very pleased that AstraZeneca recognizes the value brought to the drug discovery process by NeoGenesis' technologies and scientific talents and has chosen to partner with us on a number of their early-stage drug discovery projects. AstraZeneca, one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world, is well recognized for R&D innovation and the introduction of new, potentially life-saving medicines for patients throughout the world. We look forward to combining AstraZeneca's research and development resources with NeoGenesis' unique drug discovery capabilities in order to advance some of their critical research and discovery programs."

"We are delighted to be able to apply NeoGenesis' industrialized process to discover and advance small molecule drug leads derived from their large and diverse compound collection using unbiased affinity selection. It will broaden the range of approaches that we use to discover the chemical starting points for the next generation of drugs," said John Stageman, Vice President, Enabling Science, Technology & Information, for AstraZeneca. "We are impressed with NeoGenesis' accomplishments and commitment to accelerating their partner's therapeutic discovery efforts."

Under the terms of the agreement, NeoGenesis will receive research funding, payment for achieving research and development milestones, and royalties based on the successful commercialization of drug candidates.

About NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a drug discovery company which uses its proprietary affinity-based screening technologies and integrated chemical library and chemistry approaches to discover and develop a portfolio of small molecule drugs, both for itself and for its collaboration partners. The company's widely applicable and unbiased affinity-based technologies, coupled with its proprietary library of millions of diverse drug-like compounds, provide an unmatched efficiency in lead discovery and optimization. NeoGenesis' core technology, the Automated Ligand Identification System (ALIS), is a rapid, affinity-based system for identifying and optimizing novel drug leads that in many cases may not have been identified with traditional screening approaches. Coupled with the company's NeoMorph compound library, consisting of more than 5 million diverse medicinally-relevant small molecules, ALIS enables the identification and optimization of novel and selective drug leads against validated and emerging new targets. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NeoGenesis has developed partnerships and collaborative research agreements with many of the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, including: Amgen, Aventis, Biogen, Celltech, Japan Tobacco, Merck, Mitsubishi Pharma, Pfizer, Schering- Plough and Tularik.

About AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a major international healthcare business engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and the supply of healthcare services. It is one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world with healthcare sales of over $18.8 billion and leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, oncology, cardiovascular, neuroscience and respiratory products. AstraZeneca is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Global and European) as well as the FTSE4Good Index.

Worldwide, AstraZeneca has six major research and development sites, four discovery facilities and a clinical research site, in total, employing more than 11,500 R&D staff members in Canada, France, India, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

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