Molecular Staging Inc. Provides Whole Genome Amplification For University of Southern California 
10/19/2005 5:10:30 PM

NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Molecular Staging Inc. (MSI) today announced that Dr. Brian Henderson from the University of Southern California (USC) has chosen MSI's REPLI-g(TM) whole genome amplification technology in order to expand the amount of DNA available from over 4,000 precious cancer patient samples.

Dr. Henderson, Distinguished Professor and the Kenneth T. Norris Jr. Chair in Cancer Prevention at USC, conducts world-class research on the epidemiology and genetics of hormone related cancers. He is currently involved in a long-term study of the genetic and environmental causes of cancer in large population groups from five different ethnic groups.

As the number of genetic markers being used in the studies increases, scientists such as Dr. Henderson are finding that the amount of available DNA is often insufficient to do all of the experiments they need.

MSI offers a range of whole genome amplification products and services that can extract and amplify the entire human genome many thousand-fold with unsurpassed accuracy in a few simple steps. As a result, scientists can now undertake large projects with less than a drop of blood from each clinical patient. The technology is particularly valuable for clinical researchers with banked samples for whom the option of returning to a patient for an additional blood draw is either prohibitively expensive or impossible.

"This technology changes the whole playing field for clinical research," said Dr. Henderson. "Until now we have been constrained both in the number of experiments and the number of worldwide collaborators supporting our studies because of the limited amount of DNA available from each patient sample. REPLI-g whole genome amplification technology enables us to do as many tests as are needed to unlock valuable information in these precious patient samples and our studies can progress much faster than they otherwise would have."

Molecular Staging Inc. (MSI) has developed a range of transformational products and services based on its advanced amplification technologies. These products and services include REPLI-g(TM) whole genome amplification kits and services, a rapid, reliable method of generating unlimited DNA from a few cells to address DNA constraints arising from the rapid growth in the number and variety of genetic tests. MSI has also developed an integrated proteomics chip based discovery service, which offers a powerful new way to identify individual and multiplexed sets of biomarkers to enable new, more effective drugs and diagnostics. Additional information about MSI can be found at

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