ICAP Ocean Tomo to Sell Intellectual Property Portfolio for Tidal Air's Aerosol Delivery System  
8/26/2009 7:00:33 AM

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CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ICAP Ocean Tomo announced today it has been retained to sell the intellectual property portfolio for The Matrix aerosol delivery system developed and currently owned by Tidal Air, Inc. The portfolio consists of two issued US patents and six provisional patents advantageously positioned in the delivery device space within the nebulizer market. The patents have been referenced in patents awarded to GlaxoSmithKline.

Designed to dramatically improve the delivery of respirable (medicine inhaled into the lungs) medication, The Matrix aerosol delivery system technology addresses the full spectrum of target market needs and solutions. Compact and portable, this system accomplishes three major breakthroughs:

* Selective Atomization
* Compliance
* Negative pressure of inhalation (breath activation)

Selective atomization allows the system to be preprogrammed or remotely programmed by a physician to increase efficacy and decrease treatment times by up to 60%. The Matrix offers a true compliance advantage by electronically recording the exact details of each treatment, accelerating adoption by Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Insurers alike. Lastly, The Matrix utilizes the parameters of the patients’ breathing patterns to precisely target the optimal timing for administering the treatment thus eliminating medicine waste and reducing treatment time.

The Matrix aerosol delivery system is a disruptive innovation to the burgeoning respirable medicine market. The Tidal Air IP portfolio is of interest to any company operating or planning to enter the respirable medicine market. “We are pleased to represent Tidal Air in the sale or license of this portfolio,” said Cameron Gray, Ph.D, J.D., Vice President at ICAP Ocean Tomo. “Tidal Air is a pioneer in the respirable medical device field, having recognized early that the space needs a small, portable solution that integrates better technology for selective atomization, retrievable electronic patient records, and improved delivery. The applications of this technology are poorly recognized in the market, we believe this is the next phase of drug and neutriceutical delivery.”

Wade Hambleton, Chief Executive at Tidal Air commented, “We are very pleased with our new relationship with ICAP Ocean Tomo. It is good to know that our life-changing, disruptive medical device technologies will find their way into the hands of one or more strategic partners who can further develop the platforms and ultimately commercialize the applications.”

For more information regarding this portfolio please contact Cameron Gray, Vice President, ICAP Ocean Tomo, at (312) 327-8175 or

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About Tidal Air

Tidal Air is a Company founded in January of 2006 in Boulder, CO. by technologists, scientists and medical professionals, whose sole purpose has been to develop life-changing, ground-breaking technology in the drug delivery market. The leading-edge drug delivery product called “The Matrix”, is one result of those efforts. Tidal Air is now in the final stages of its platform development which will allow it to partner with any number of major players in the drug delivery and inhaled pharmaceutical space.


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