First DataBank Inc. Announces Enhanced Drug Information Framework(TM) 
10/19/2005 5:09:42 PM

SAN BRUNO, Calif., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- First DataBank today announced the v3.1 release of its Drug Information Framework(TM), a suite of software components for integrating drug information content into virtually any healthcare environment. This software enables information system developers to encapsulate First DataBank's NDDF Plus(TM) and IDDF-Canada(TM) knowledge bases into end-user healthcare information systems quickly and economically. It helps developers shorten product lead times and make more efficient use of scarce resources, for information system applications designed for hospitals, retail pharmacies, physician clinics, claims processors, pharmacy benefit managers and many others. The new release -- available for U.S. and Canadian customers -- provides enhanced functionality throughout the Drug Information Framework, from intravenous drug compatibility to customization capabilities.

According to Product Manager Lisa Geller, "Time to market can be critical to the success of next-generation drug information products. That's why it's critical for developers to use the most powerful content-integration software available -- the Drug Information Framework." The new release boosts this software's capabilities in numerous ways, plus it can significantly enhance developer productivity. These issues are all the more important in today's economy.

The new Drug Information Framework upgrade, Geller noted, will enhance customer use of the product in at least five areas. She outlined these as:

  -- Intravenous Compatibility:  The First DataBank Intravenous Module(TM)
     provides quick access to comprehensive data to enable evaluation of IV
     drug admixtures for physiochemical compatibility or incompatibility.
     The data saves time and money by checking each drug in an IV admixture
     prior to preparation. If a compatibility problem is encountered, an
     alert can be generated.
  -- Therapeutic Classification:  First DataBank's Enhanced Therapeutic
     Classification(TM) (ETC(TM)) system represents an innovative approach
     to therapeutic classification, delivering virtually unlimited levels of
     content specificity. Designed for ease of use, the ETC system enables
     easy development of applications that handle formulary maintenance,
     drug selection and substitution, presentation of pick lists, drug use
     analysis, reporting and more.
  -- Controlled Medical Vocabulary:  The First DataBank Medical Lexicon(TM)
     uniquely represents disease conditions and health-related concepts --
     such as diagnoses, symptoms, side effects and indications -- within
     First DataBank disease decision-support and dosing modules. It allows
     healthcare professionals and consumers to use terms they understand and
     prefer, which helps them find the drug information they need more
  -- User Customization:  The new v3.1 release allows users to incorporate
     additional customized clinical screening results and drug product
     information, including: adjusting duplicate therapy allowances; setting
     dosage range checks, including neonatal and infant dosages; and
     additional customization of drug-drug interactions.
  -- International Development:  A single software version of the Drug
     Information Framework can now be used by customers in the U.S., Canada
     and later this quarter, the United Kingdom.

"The new version of the Drug Information Framework adds powerful navigation and customization capabilities to an already successful product," said David Manin, Director of Marketing." This extends the product's potential for use in next-generation systems that rely on First DataBank's proven drug information, he explained, enabling developers to respond more rapidly to the needs of emerging markets. He further noted that the Drug Information Framework allows developers to work in their environment of choice -- from traditional desktop and client/server environments to the Internet and handheld wireless. It also offers developers their choice of operating systems, relational database management systems and development tools.

"Ultimately," Manin concluded, "this product -- combined with our proven drug content -- can minimize adverse drug events caused by medication errors, the single largest component of all reported medical errors in the U.S."

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