Genetic Immunity, InPlay: Company Completes Patient Enrollment in Italian Phase II Trial of DermaVir Patch HIV Immunotherapeutic Nanomedicine  
7/1/2009 9:48:49 AM

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY--(Marketwire - July 01, 2009) - Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: PWRV), Hungary's premier technology acquisition and development company, is pleased to present this Genetic Immunity release, based on a previously announced agreement whereby Power of the Dream Ventures will issue communications for Genetic Immunity on a going forward basis.

Genetic Immunity is pleased to announce completion of patient enrollment in the Company's Phase II randomized, placebo-controlled trial designed to investigate whether therapeutic immunization during highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) induces elevations of HIV-specific T cell precursors with high proliferative capacity (PHPC) in HIV-1-infected individuals, and whether the quantity of PHPC correlates with the viral load set point following analytical treatment interruption (ATI). This second Phase II study is conducted at the IRCCS Policlinico S. Matteo in Pavia, Italy with a total of sixteen patients.

"We are extremely pleased to have enrolled all patients in this, our second Phase II trial aimed to prove the benefit of our immune amplification therapy. We now have two trials underway, in addition to a Phase I/II trial that is also nearing completion. I am confident this Italian trial, along with the one conducted in Hamburg, Germany will show substantial benefit for HIV infected patients. We look forward to receiving trial data once it is completed early in 2010," commented Julianna Lisziewicz, CEO of Genetic Immunity.

Subjects in the study are randomized to receive either DermaVir Patch (8 subjects per cohort) or DermaVir Patch Placebo (8 subjects per cohort) every four weeks for three applications while receiving maximally suppressive HAART. HAART will be discontinued at Week 9 for an ATI period of 20 weeks.

Patients are on study for a total of 29 weeks (nine weeks of HAART followed by 20 weeks of ATI). Each subject's DermaVir/Placebo application schedule is administered over an 8-week period (Day 0, 28, and 56). HAART is discontinued on Day 63 and is resumed on Day 203. Subsequently, individuals who do not meet HAART restarting criteria can elect not to restart therapy. After week 29 a safety and immunogenicity follow up evaluation is done every 3 months for an additional year for all the participants.

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About Genetic Immunity

Genetic Immunity is a US/Hungarian biopharmaceutical company establishing leadership in Nanomedicines for immune amplification. Nanomedicine, an offshoot of nanotechnology, refers to highly specific medical intervention at the molecular scale for treating disease or repairing damaged tissues. By leveraging its proprietary immune amplification platform technology, the company aims to address new markets for infectious diseases, cancer and allergies through the discovery, development and commercialization of topically administered nanomedicines. These indications represent a significant unmet medical need and the potential for alternative treatment approaches.

About Power of the Dream Ventures

Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. is a leading technology holding company. We identify and harness the unique technological prowess of Hungary's high-tech industry, turning promising ideas and ready to market products/technologies into global industry leaders. We focus on developing, acquiring, licensing, or co-developing technologies that originate exclusively in Hungary that are in prototype stage based on existing patents; in prototype stage prior to patenting; existing products that require expansion capital to commercialize; emerging science and high-technology research projects that require help in patenting, developing the product and marketing, University spin-off technologies, and ideas from the very early stage that represent "disruptive technologies." We primarily focus on providing enabling solutions in the fields of environmental technologies, power generation and storage, software products and services, biotechnology, medical devices and what we call 'disruptive technologies.' For more information please visit our website at


At Genetic Immunity:
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Chief Operating Officer
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At Power of the Dream Ventures:
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President and CEO
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