Over 25 New Features in Biomatters, Ltd.'s Geneious(TM) 4.7  
6/30/2009 10:05:57 AM

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND--(Marketwire - June 30, 2009) -

Geneious™ 4.7 boasts a new ultra-fast sequence assembler that allows users to assemble sequences generated from the Sanger and 454 high-throughput methods to a reference genome. Geneious™ version 4.7 is the first release in a three-phase release-strategy that will provide increasing support for next-generation high-throughput sequence data with SOLiD and Genome Analyzer II (Solexa) support to follow in the next release all in the most user-friendly environment available.

Other new features in Geneious™ 4.7 include:

--  Complete import of Vector NTI® files
--  Query-centric alignment
--  Primer database
--  454 import and handling
--  Keyboard preferences - create a shortcut key for any function
--  Dynamic DNA translation to protein for any selection
--  Structure and ORF prediction on alignments
--  Multi-region sequence selection

Complete Vector NTI® support allows users to switch seamlessly from their existing software to Geneious as easy as drag and drop, making it the most versatile Vector NTI® alternative available today.

More about Geneious™

Geneious™ is a bioinformatic sequence analysis platform that is ultra-powerful, easy to use and available on all major operating systems. Scientists, researchers, clinicians and students are able to organize, analyze and annotate genomic and protein information from small oligos to entire mammalian chromosomes with a single application that produces astounding visualizations for educational activities, diagnostic research or academic publishing. Geneious™ technology has unparalleled credibility, and it incorporates only the major industry-leading algorithms and applications which are all backed by peer-reviewed scientific publications. The common platform unites pipelines and tools for a superb workflow that ensures analyses are easily repeatable.

What sets Geneious™ apart?

--  GRID Computing - Geneious™ is the only application with
    parallelized super-computing capabilities for both Mr. Bayes and ClustalW
    alignments through the ground-breaking Greenbutton® Technology.
--  Smart Agents - A unique feature of Geneious™, smart agents can be
    trained by users to seek, retrieve and sort data specific to user
    requirements from private and public databases. Secure Collaboration - A
    world first in science software, researchers can work together within
    Geneious™, share files and information on a project, and chat securely.
--  Education Tutorials - Teach or learn bioinformatics interactively.
    Students are guided through analysis and exercises with all the data and
    tools just a click away and may also create their own.

Geneious™ 4.7 beta was released on June 29th and is currently available for download at

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