Genomics Collaborative Expands Global Customer Base 
10/19/2005 5:09:32 PM

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 17, 2003-- New business in second half of 2003 is a powerful testament to the increasing value of genomics-based validation in drug discovery

Genomics Collaborative, Inc. (GCI), the leader in providing clinical samples and the application of human genetics to target validation for drug discovery, today announced that it signed over 18 GCI Access(TM) agreements with biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers, including Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc. (NIBRI), Roche, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Ventana Medical Systems, among others, in the second half of 2003.

To date, GCI has signed over 40 clients for GCI Access(TM), which provides drug and diagnostic companies with access to its 550,000-sample Global Repository(R) of well-phenotyped human DNA, serum and tissue, as well as its customized gene expression and candidate gene validation services.

"Our performance leaves little doubt that the drug discovery industry is embracing the power of rapid access to clinical specimens to better enable efficient validation of drug and diagnostic targets," said Dr. Michael Pellini, President and CEO of GCI. "In order for our customers to ultimately realize the benefits of genomics in their discovery efforts, they require the ability to access a wide spectrum of genetic samples - meaning tissue, serum and DNA from globally-relevant populations - not just a single piece of the puzzle."

"GCI has spent much of 2003 reaping the rewards of more than five years of challenging and successful work in amassing the most complete and comprehensive repository of human biological samples available today," said Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, Senior Vice President and Medical Director of GCI. "We can say with confidence that no other single commercial source has the number or diversity of DNA, serum, and tissue samples that we have created in our Global Repository(R), with over a half-million samples collected from more than 120,000 participants worldwide."

In addition to its new GCI Access(TM) successes, GCI also introduced a number of new analytical services to its drug and diagnostics research programs in the latter half of 2003.

The combination of Global Repository(R), GCI Access(TM) programs, and GCI's study design, statistical, and analytical teams provides a powerful drug target validation platform to assess the potential value of genomics-based targets years before they enter the clinic. GCI also offers a suite of high throughput genomic analysis tools, including SNP genotyping, DNA sequencing, Real Time PCR, Immunohistochemistry, and gene expression analyses.

About Genomics Collaborative

Genomics Collaborative, Inc. (GCI) is pioneering the application of human genetics to target validation for drug discovery and diagnostics. GCI's drug validation programs combine access to its Global Repository(R) of human DNA, tissue and serum with insights from its highly specialized team of human geneticists, statisticians and bioinformaticists.

Open access to the specimens within GCI's Global Repository(R) allows clients to gain insight into a potential target's value in humans at the earliest possible stages of drug discovery and development. The result is rapid prioritization of the most promising targets for clinical development, potentially shaving years from the discovery-to-commercial drug development pipeline.

Leveraging Global Repository(R), GCI offers a spectrum of services ranging from fee-for-service access to human tissue, DNA, and serum samples to customized gene expression and candidate gene validation studies. Global Repository(R) is the world's largest and most comprehensive library of 550,000 human genetic samples and detailed clinical records, collected from 120,000 patients representing important populations worldwide. GCI's samples represent most pharmaceutically relevant disease states, including common and rare cancers, as well as inflammatory, endocrine, and cardiovascular disorders, and more.

GCI has signed more than 100 partnerships and access agreements with over 40 pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, including Pfizer, Inc., Novartis AG, Celera Diagnostics, and Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

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