OriGene Technologies, Inc. Adds GPCR CloneSet(TM) To TrueClone(TM) Collection 
10/19/2005 5:09:29 PM

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- OriGene Technologies Inc today announced the addition of the GPCR CloneSet(TM), a designated subset of over 300 full-length human non-olfactory G protein-coupled receptors, to the TrueClone(TM) Collection product line. The GPCR CloneSet is the largest commercial cDNA source of this pharmaceutically important gene family, thus enabling a system biology approach to drug-potency, drug-toxicity and ligand identification studies.

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OriGene's TrueClone Collection of 20,000 full-length human cDNAs includes over 75% of the NM sequences in the NCBI RefSeq database and covers 65-80% of the predicted human cDNA repertoire. All clones match annotated mRNA reference sequences found in the public domains. Additional cDNA clones from OriGene's 800,000 in-house gene bank will be added to the TrueClone Collection and commercially released as sequences are published.

"We continue to utilize our cDNA libraries and Rapid-Screen(TM) technologies to expand the extensive OriGene full-length gene collection," commented Zairen Sun PhD, Senior Director of Research and Development. "The production and commercialization of comprehensive CloneSets of significant gene families reflects OriGene's concerted effort to support our customers by providing critical tools for systems biology studies."

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) form a large superfamily of membrane proteins integral in signal transmission across the cell membrane. These protein receptors are the target of 50-60% of all existing medicines, including well-known Beta-blockers and anti-histamine therapeutics. It is believed that a better understanding of the function of these receptors and their structure will help in the design of drugs for the treatment of GPCR- related diseases.

About OriGene Technologies

OriGene Technologies is a research tool provider for functional gene discovery that utilizes high-throughput gene cloning and gene expression profiling to develop commercially available products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research and discovery applications. Committed to this mission since 1996, OriGene has created the TrueClone(TM) Collection -- a searchable gene bank of 20,000 human full-length cDNA clones suitable for transfection and direct in vitro expression. Additional products and services include Blue-Ribbon(TM) Gene Expression Reagents for RNA and functional gene analysis and Rapid-Screen(TM) Tools for cDNA screening and full-length gene isolation. More information about OriGene Technologies and their products can be found at the company's web site at

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