Organetix, Inc. (DMND) Announces Positive Test Results For Hepatitis C Treatment 
10/19/2005 5:09:28 PM

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 9, 2003--Organetix, Inc. ( (OTCBB:OGTX) announced that previous testing of Organetix' A4+L has demonstrated positive results in treating patients suffering from Hepatitis C. Dr. Jose Cabanillas along with two independent doctors, Joseph Nystrom, M.D. from Florida and Dr. Hugo Marquez S. from Lima conducted the tests on Hepatitis C patients from Canada. The following was their conclusion:

"Most importantly, all patients reported dramatic improvement in symptomatology. We expect further prospective study and follow-up to demonstrate continued improvement in all parameters."

Dr. Cabanillas' research is based on the success of treating numerous individuals with Hepatitis C for more than a decade. Testimonials of patient success stories using the liver product to treat Hepatitis C have been documented in the Canadian media. Various stories have been documented by the Vancouver Sun, The Province (also a Vancouver newspaper) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - Radio Division in Canada.

CBC Radio in Canada released an investigative story on Hepatitis C patients treated with the liver product in October 2002. The story received the Dan McArthur Award for investigative journalism by the Radio and Television News Directors Association in May of 2003.

Research indicates that A4+L appears to be regenerating liver tissue which allows the liver to begin functioning again despite years of damage from the virus. As a result, this liver product may be useful for all liver disorders. Studies have indicated that A4+L is capable of eliminating most of the symptoms associated with Hepatitis C quickly and effectively, without any known side effects. By contrast, current therapies for Hepatitis C can typically cause serious side effects for its users.

To date, there are three major companies that share the existing multi-billion dollar Hepatitis C market: Schering-Plough, Genta, and Roche. Worldwide drug sales for Hepatitis C rose from $900 Million in 1998 to several Billion less than two years later. It is estimated that the market for such drugs may exceed $6 Billion by 2004.

Dr. Cabanillas, a Medical Advisor to Organetix, has been a speaker at conferences and seminars and has several credited publications in relevant journals. He recently lectured to Cornell University's pre-med students at their bio-diversity laboratory in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

About Organetix, Inc.

Organetix, Inc. is a biotechnology company that is in the process of treating patients with a unique nutraceutical that appears to relieve symptoms of Hepatitis C without any known side effects. Organetix has the exclusive worldwide rights for this liver product. Hepatitis C is a life-threatening, blood-borne, liver disease that is caused by a virus. It is estimated that millions of individuals worldwide are infected with Hepatitis C making it one of the greatest public health threats faced in recent years.

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