3DM Inc. Launches PuraMatrix(TM) Synthetic Hydrogels At American Society For Cell Biology Conference 
10/19/2005 5:09:28 PM

BOSTON, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- 3DM Inc. ( ) will introduces its PuraMatrix(TM) line of synthetic peptide hydrogels at the upcoming 43rd annual conference of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) in San Francisco. Their line of biomaterials are already in use at major pharmaceutical companies, the National Institutes of Health, and leading clinical research institutions such as MDAnderson, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

"PuraMatrix is one of the first commercial fruits of nanotechnology research, offering a completely characterized synthetic scaffold for cell- based assays and bioproduction of cells needing a 3-D extracellular matrix (ECM)," stated Dr. Alexander Rich, co-founder of 3DM and a pioneer in protein and nucleic acid chemistry. "Because of the purity and simplicity of design, PuraMatrix is likely to have many applications across drug discovery, biotechnology and human therapeutics."

BD Biosciences Discovery Labware is sponsoring an Exhibitor Showcase featuring PuraMatrix on Monday, December 15 at 7pm in (Room 300, Moscone Convention Center).

3DM co-founders Dr. Lisa Spirio and Dr. Carlos Semino will present a seminar describing the utility of the PuraMatrix hydrogel for promoting cell proliferation and differentiation. Scientific results recently highlighted in Nature (August 21, 2003), Differentiation (June, 2003), and Nature Biotechnology (October, 2003) will be presented. The PuraMatrix hydrogel will complement Becton Dickinson's existing product lines used for cell culture applications for life science, drug discovery, and tissue engineering research.

Dr. Lisa Spirio, Director of Research & Development for 3DM, emphasized "Major publications and grant-making institutions have touted the benefits of 3-D cell culture this year. 2003 may prove to be a tipping point in the realization that 3D culture, especially synthetic ECM analogs, allows more accurate study of cell biology in vitro. The new US$40 million National Cancer Institute program on the cellular micro-environment places a major emphasis on research and adoption of 3-D culture techniques, validating the field of 3-dimensional cell culture and driving its adoption beyond cancer research and tissue engineering."

About PuraMatrix

PuraMatrix Hydrogels may be used to create synthetic scaffolds and defined 3-D microenvironments, with utility in cell-based studies of tissue engineering, cell migration and invasion, neurite outgrowth, and hepatocyte functionality and toxicity. PuraMatrix can be used as a scaffold for cell- attachment to encapsulate cells in 3-D, plate cells in 2-D coatings, or as microcarriers in suspension cultures. It forms a shelf-stable injectable hydrogel when exposed to physiologic salt conditions through self-assembling peptide nanofibers consisting of standard amino acids and 99.5% water. For the first time, the cell biology and drug discovery communities have a defined synthetic biocompatible gel that can be combined with relevant proteins and growth factors to more closely resemble the in vivo milieu. The PuraMatrix self-assembling peptide hydrogels are forward compatible with in vivo implant studies, clinical therapeutics and bioproduction cGMP requirements.

About 3DM Inc.

3DM is a privately-held specialty biomaterials and medical device company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The technology, exclusively licensed from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was pioneered through the work and expertise of Drs. Alan Grodzinsky, Robert Langer, Alexander Rich, Carlos Semino, and Shuguang Zhang. The company manufactures its patented self-assembling peptide scaffold materials to accelerate cell-based research, drug discovery, bioproduction, and medical therapeutics.

3DM Inc.

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