CN Group Announces Medical Carbon Research Institute To Present At Upcoming 2003 Bio Venture Capital Conference 
10/19/2005 5:09:27 PM

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CN Group and the Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute announces that Medical Carbon Research Institute, LLC (MCRI(R)) has been selected as a presenting company at the 2003 Southwest Bio Venture Capital Conference. MCRI is an integrated biomaterials and cardiovascular therapeutic device company and the world leader in pyrolytic carbon technology, specializing in the development of cardiovascular and orthopedic device implant applications using its proprietary isotropic pyrolytic On-X(R) carbon technology. The company will present an overview of its technology and business strategy at the conference, to be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Houston on December 9th & 10th.

MCRI's premiere product is the FDA approved On-X(R) Prosthetic Heart Valve ("On-X valve"). The On-X valve represents a breakthrough in materials and design that has produced markedly improved results compared to other currently available prosthetic valves. MCRI recently announced the initiation of a clinical study of the On-X valve under an aspirin-only anticoagulation protocol. The aspirin-only protocol was approved by the German Ethics Commission based in Freiburg and by the individual participating German hospitals' local Ethics Committees. This is the first aspirin-only study on mechanical heart valves approved by any regulatory agency.

Additional applications of On-X carbon include its use as a coating for implantable therapeutic devices by third party companies. MCRI currently supplies coating and contract manufacturing services for orthopedic devices, including spinal and knee implants, to subsidiaries of two of the world's five largest orthopedic implant companies. MCRI also supplies contract manufacturing and coating services on finger joints to another orthopedic company for the treatment of various forms of arthritis.

"We are extremely excited to include MCRI in this year's conference," stated David Gerhardt, managing director, CN Events. "We are bringing together very advanced staged life sciences companies which speaks to the depth and diversity of the sector here in Texas."

About MCRI

Medical Carbon Research Institute ("MCRI") MCRI is the world leader in pyrolytic carbon technology specializing in the development of cardiovascular and orthopedic device implants using its proprietary isotropic pyrolytic On-X(R) carbon technology to significantly improve the quality of life of patients. Jack Bokros, Ph.D., and his associates founded MCRI in 1994 to further advance prosthetic heart valve technology by capitalizing on their new form of pyrolytic carbon. The Company gained FDA approval for the On-X(R) aortic valve in 2001 and approval on the On-X mitral valve in 2002. MCRI also provides carbon coating and contract manufacturing services to manufacturers of other medical products including orthopedic joint and spine implant devices. MCRI is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and maintains a wholly owned subsidiary, MCRI Deutschland GmbH, in Hannover, Germany. More information can be found at .

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