Company Profile For Cancer Genetics 
10/19/2005 5:09:26 PM

(BUSINESS WIRE)--CGI develops and markets new genetically derived probes for the diagnostic/prognostic evaluation of cancer and intends to serve as an international resource for the genetics evaluation of cancer patients and families. The company's efforts are organized on three platforms: (1) novel nucleic acid probes based on new and innovatibe FISH probe technology, (2) clinical cancer cytogenetic testing, and (3) clinical trials research performed through state-of-the-art genetic analysis.

Company: Cancer Genetics, Inc.

Headquarters Address: 321 Fortune Blvd. Milford, MA 01757

Main Telephone: (508) 458-1040


Type of Organization: Private

Industry: na Devata Phone: (508) 458-1040 x113 Email:


Cancer Genetics, Inc.

Source: Cancer Genetics, Inc.