Ariadne Genomics, Inc. Launches ChemEffect(TM), a System to Profile Lead Compounds Against Known Attributes for More than 17,000 Chemical Entities  
3/23/2009 2:58:33 PM

ROCKVILLE, MD, March 23, 2009 – Ariadne announces the launch of ChemEffect, a new Pathway Studio® knowledge base that contains in excess of 425,000 biological facts and relationships linked to more than 17,000 small molecules, chemicals, and drugs. Scientists in target validation and lead optimization can rapidly characterize their drug targets and development leads against known effects or standards, often obtaining information that supports mechanistic hypotheses of drug action and toxicity. ChemEffect can be customized and installed to work seamlessly within existing pharmaceutical infrastructure.

Together, ChemEffect and Pathway Studio serve as a one-of-a-kind knowledge hub housing and integrating biological facts from different sources. Through this centralized hub, disparate types of data from public and proprietary sources can be linked and displayed through interactive, interpretive visual networks. Scientists can use in-house experimental data to find hypothetical associations between a compound and potential phenotypical outcomes such as drug action, side effects, and drug-drug interactions. By coupling these powerful investigative tools, a more comprehensive information set can often be assembled to help guide and support development activities on lead compounds.

Ilya Mazo, Ph.D, president of Ariadne, says, “With the addition of ChemEffect, Ariadne has extended the utility of Pathway Studio to cover early- and mid-stage drug discovery research activities. Now we have the most comprehensive collection of biological facts and relationships (more than 425,000 in addition to 1.5 Million in Pathway Studio) that can be leveraged to support drug development decisions and mechanistic explanations of drug action and toxicity.” Pathway Studio draws on the power of MedScan®, Ariadne’s patent-pending technology for text mining, which provides an accurate and rapid means of keeping abreast of up-to-the-minute published findings and aids in critical drug development decision making. Proprietary algorithms help interpret experimental data: perform functional analysis, identify regulated pathways, or discover new biological networks. Supported applications include:

Developing mechanism of toxicity or drug action hypotheses

Identifying potential alternative drug indications

Deducing drug-drug interactions

Correlating drug action with potentiality effects.

For more information about ChemEffect and Pathway Studio, please contact Ariadne at 240-453- 6296 or

About Ariadne

Ariadne’s ( Pathway Studio software is used worldwide as a comprehensive solution for analyzing and searching pathways and molecular interaction information. Ariadne offers desktop and enterprise editions of Pathway Studio, which are supported by several commercial and publicly available molecular interaction databases including ResNet Mammalian, ResNet Plant, ResNet ChemEffect, and Prolexys HyNet. Pathway Studio is powered by MedScan* technology, which researchers can use to edit and enhance database content from the current literature and from experimental data.