Are You Targeting the Best, or the Rest?  
3/17/2009 12:38:30 AM

Recruiting Trends -- The economy will recover. Yet most companies will still be using slight modifications of the hiring processes that didn't work too well pre-2008. The current environment provides a rare opportunity for those who want to overhaul their sourcing, interviewing and recruiting processes and start with a fresh new slate. Part of this is implementing Web 2.0 tools. Another part is the idea that requisition-based sourcing is passé. Underlying all this is the more important idea that top candidates don't look for work the same way as average candidates, nor do they use the same criteria to select one job over another. If true, the driver to all of your hiring changes should be to redesign your hiring process based on how the best people look and decide, not some dictate from a lawyer, HR leader or the opinion of a hiring manager.