Toxikon Corporation’s Medical Device Seminar Slated For April  
3/16/2009 1:15:18 PM

Toxikon Corporation is pleased to announce that we will host our third annual medical device testing seminar April 23 at our headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Now more than ever, medical device manufacturers know how important effective planning is for getting their product onto the market faster, as lost time equals lost revenue. The most common pitfalls for submissions to governing bodies often stem from lack of knowledge or just plain confusion, as safety-testing recommendations continue to be updated and revised. With new innovations and applications in development, testing guidelines can be vague.

Geared toward professionals in Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Design Engineering; this seminar will provide a "how-to" guide for submission testing strategies; risk assessment; avoiding regulatory pitfalls and contracting work to CRO's.