Integrated DNA Technologies And LI-COR Biosciences Sign Agreement: IDT to Manufacture Oligos Incorporating IRDye(R) Infrared Dyes  
1/6/2009 1:46:50 PM

CORALVILLE, Iowa – Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a world leader in oligonucleotide production, announces a license agreement with LI-COR Biosciences to manufacture oligos for worldwide sale using the unique LI-COR IRDye 700, IRDye 800, and IRDye 800CW infrared dyes. As of November 15, 2008, LI-COR no longer manufactures custom IRDye labeled oligos; LI-COR now recommends IDT as a preferred supplier of custom oligos with its IRDye infrared dyes. These near-infrared (NIR) dyes are designed as alternatives to visible fluorophore labeling; eliminating the challenges associated with background interference and can therefore significantly extend sequence read-length and base accuracy for DNA sequencing. Offering a wider dynamic range and minimal background, IRDye infrared dyes are highly sensitive, allowing scientists to reduce reagent usage and implement smaller detection geometries. As a result, researchers using nucleic acid applications with NIR-based detection can now benefit from the peerless quality of IDT’s oligos and the superior sensitivity of the LI-COR Bioscience IRDye infrared dye range.

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About IDT

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the United States, serving academic, government and commercial researchers in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. IDT’s primary business is the manufacturing of custom, synthetic DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. Founded in 1987 by Joseph Walder, M.D., Ph.D. (Northwestern University), IDT has achieved annual double-digit growth over the past 10 years. Today, IDT synthesizes and ships an average of 36,000 custom oligos per day to its more than 86,000 customers worldwide. IDT manufacturing locations include facilities in Coralville, Iowa; San Diego, Calif.; and Leuven, Belgium.

About LI-COR Biosciences

LI-COR® Biosciences is a leading manufacturer of near-infrared imaging platforms, analysis software, and LI-COR IRDye® infrared dye reagents for genomic, proteomic, and molecular imaging applications. LI-COR pioneered the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing and today provides systems for drug discovery, protein research, small animal imaging, and undergraduate training. Founded in 1971, the privately held company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom. LI-COR systems are used in over 100 countries and are supported by a global network of distributors. For further information, please visit