Acist Medical Systems, Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement for StatSensor Creatinine Meter  
10/30/2008 11:26:38 AM

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. (a Bracco Group company), a world leader in advanced contrast injection systems for cardiovascular angiography and diagnostic imaging, announced today the signing of a distribution agreement for the StatSensor Creatinine Meter with Nova Biomedical. The agreement calls for the ACIST and Nova teams to co-exclusively market and distribute the StatSensor Creatinine Meter into the medical fields of Radiology and Cardiology, initially within North America. Within this new distribution structure, both ACIST and Nova will focus on providing its customer’s with seamless continuity for the StatSensor solution from point of care deployment in imaging modalities where iodine and gadolinium derived intravenous contrast agents are administered, to platform management, and its connectivity into the clinical laboratory. ACIST will continue to support customers who have previously purchased the StatSensor Creatinine Meter under the E-Z-Chem brand name from E-Z-EM, Inc. prior to the acquisition of certain assets by ACIST Medical Systems.