Valens Pharma Ltd. Announces Next Steps; Company Has Suspended Work on its DCA i.v Program  
8/5/2008 3:00:17 PM

EDMONTON, Aug. 5 /CNW/ - Valens Pharma Ltd. (Valens, formerly known as "CardioMetabolics Inc."), today announced that the Company has suspended work on its DCA i.v program, a proprietary intravenous formulation of dichloroacetate pending further review by its Scientific Advisory Board. Based on the analysis of the voluntary Phase II "Mini-Metrxics" clinical trial by the Company's Scientific Advisory Board to date, it is clear that Valens does not have sufficient evidence to quickly move into its planned Phase III METRxICS Trial as had been anticipated. As previously announced, while data from the Phase II trial met certain biochemical endpoints, the anticipated clinical signals of a reduction in time spent in the intensive care unit (ICU), a reduction in ventilator times and a reduction in hospital times were not present. While there were no deaths during the actual trial in this high risk geriatric population, there were more adverse events in the group that received DCA compared to the control group. Requests for further information may be directed to the Company.