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West Nile Virus (WNV) News Articles

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Body Odor Changes Following Vaccination, Monell Chemical Senses Center And United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) Study     4/3/2014
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Identify Hundreds of Human Genes that Impact West Nile Infection     8/7/2008
New West Nile And Japanese Encephalitis 'Pseudoinfectious' Vaccines Produced At University of Texas     6/2/2008
West Nile Vaccine Breakthrough, University of Queensland Study     5/21/2008
Research Pinpoints West Nile Virus Antibody Binding Site     8/16/2006
Cornell University To Build $80M Animal Diagnostic Center     8/16/2006
Key Stage To Dengue Fever Replication Found     8/3/2006
New Strategy Developed To Combat West Nile Virus     5/5/2006
Genetic Double Whammy Weakens West Nile Virus     2/21/2006
Genetic Mutation Linked To West Nile Virus Infection     1/10/2006
West Nile Found In Donated Blood     7/29/2005
West Nile Virus Found     7/8/2005
Success Reported In West Nile Testing     5/11/2005
Monoclonal Antibody May Treat West Nile Virus Infection     4/26/2005
Monoclonal Antibody Cures West Nile Virus-Infected Mice     4/25/2005

Press Releases
Intervet Schering-Plough Recalls West Nile Virus Vaccine     5/4/2010
MacroGenics, Inc. Announces the Initiation of a Phase 2 Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Monoclonal Antibody MGAWN1 in Subjects with Suspected Central Nervous System Infection Due to West Nile Virus     7/13/2009
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Reports Phase 1 Results for West Nile Virus Vaccine     2/25/2009
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Completes Dosing of Phase 1 Trial for West Nile Virus Vaccine     12/15/2008
Avantogen Limited's Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Enters Clinic with West Nile Virus Vaccine     6/24/2008
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Starts Phase 1 for West Nile Vaccine     6/23/2008
Replikun Biotech to Commercialise a West Nile Virus Vaccine Technology     5/20/2008
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Receives Allowance to Perform West Nile Vaccine Clinical Trials     1/7/2008
Acambis (ACAM) Joins Forces With Sanofi Pasteur (SASY.PA) to Develop West Nile Virus Vaccine     11/13/2007
Replikins LLC Finds West Nile Virus Replikin Count Has Reached Its Highest Recorded Value     8/6/2007
MacroGenics, Inc. IND for West Nile Virus Monoclonal Antibody is Active     7/9/2007
Acambis PLC (ACAM) is First Company to Test a West Nile Virus Vaccine in Older Adults     3/21/2007
Cerus Corporation (CERS) Announces French Regulatory Approval Of The INTERCEPT Blood System For Plasma     1/17/2007
GenoMed, Inc.'s Fourth Horse Recovering From Presumed West Nile Virus Encephalitis     11/21/2006
AVI BioPharma, Inc. (AVII) Announces Positive Clinical Trial Results Delivering NEUGENE Antisense Drugs To The Central Nervous System     11/10/2006