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New Drug Target for Prion Diseases, 'Mad Cow' - University of Kentucky Study     1/11/2011
Infectious Prions Can Arise Spontaneously in Normal Brain Tissue, The Scripps Research Institute And University College London Study Shows     7/27/2010
Columbia University Scientists Sniff Out Prion Secret     12/22/2008
Hundreds Could Die As Scientists Identify First Case Of 'Second Wave' VCJD, The Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee Warns     12/18/2008
Variant Of Mad Cow Disease May Be Transmitted By Blood Transfusions, According To Animal Study -- American Society of Hematology     8/29/2008
University of Michigan Scientists Find New Causes For Neurodegeneration     10/29/2007
Lymph Nodes Can Be Key in Spreading Prion Infectivity     9/25/2007
Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Structural Studies Reveal New Clues to Prion Infectivity     9/7/2007
New Prion Protein Discovered by Canadian Scientists May Offer Insight into Mad Cow Disease     8/17/2007
Soil Particles Found to Boost Prion's Capacity to Infect, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study     7/6/2007
Scientists 'Reverse' vCJD Signs     2/1/2007
Brown University Team Finds Crucial Protein Role In Deadly Prion Spread     1/24/2007
Scientists Announce Mad Cow Breakthrough     1/2/2007
Study Group At Risk For Human Mad Cow Form     12/11/2006
Revamp Of Brain "Could Slow CJD"     12/4/2006

Press Releases
FDA Approves Revised Grifols's Alphanate(R) Labeling to Include Reduced Infectivity of an Experimental Model Agent for vCJD     3/4/2011
Institute for Systems Biology Provides First Global Analysis of Prion Disease in a Mouse Model     3/24/2009
GeneThera, Inc. (GTHA.OB) And Leading Italian Research Institute Finalize Collaboration Agreement On Mad-Cow & Other Animal Diseases     10/11/2006
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Release: North America's First BSE Reference Lab Designated In Manitoba     8/1/2006
GeneThera, Inc. (GTHA.OB) To Collaborate With Leading Mexican University On Live Animal Testing     3/30/2006
GeneThera, Inc. (GTHA.OB) Selects Tecan Platform As Standard For Mad Cow Testing Using Live Animal Test Assay     3/16/2006
Innovative Biosensors, Inc. Receives Grant From The National Institutes of Health (NIH) To Develop A Rapid, Ultra Sensitive Test For ''Mad Cow'' Disease     8/5/2005
New Results Validating Pall Corporation (PLL) Prion Reduction Filter Disclosed At International Blood Transfusion Congress     7/5/2005
Genesis Bioventures (GBI) Signs Agreement For Control Of Mad Cow Diagnostic Company     6/1/2005
Special Information Session On Prion Reduction Device During The Annual Meeting Of ProMetic BioSciences, Inc.     5/2/2005
Chronix Biomedical Awarded Grant For Mad Cow Disease Living Test; New Blood Test Only Ante Mortem Diagnostic To Address BSE Eradication     4/18/2005
SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. (SRLS) Files Patent Applications For "Mad Cow" Disease Blood Test     2/24/2005
Nanosphere, Inc. To Expand Application Of Alzheimer's Disease Detection Technology     2/2/2005
OXIS International, Inc. (OXIS) Designs Worldwide Oxidative-Stress Biomarker Program     1/12/2005
Outbreak Of Mad Cow Disease Generates Interest In Chembio Diagnostics, Inc.'s (CEMI.OB) Rapid Test For BSE     1/12/2005