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Carbon Monoxide Is Toxic. This Doctor Is Out To Prove It’s Also Therapeutic     1/23/2017
Probiotic Yogurt Could Help Protect Against Heavy Metal Poisoning, Lawson Health Research Institute Study     10/8/2014
Regular Breakfast Helps Reduce Lead Poisoning in Children, BioMed Central's Study     4/1/2011
Talented Bacteria Make Food Poisoning Unpredictable, University College Cork Study     9/7/2010
Guess Where Your Fluoride Comes From? China! - Evident at Frostburg Water Filtration Plant     8/16/2010
Grocery Cash Receipts Contain Toxic Chemical BPA, Official Food Control Authority of the Canton Study     8/2/2010
Gut 'Tasting' Could Beat Poisons, University of California, Irvine Study     10/10/2008
Columbia University Lung Cancer Trial Targets Asbestos-Related Disease     7/22/2008
Energy Drinks Safety Questioned By German Agency Federal Institute for Risk Assessment     6/5/2008
University of Cincinnati Medical Center Studies Link Lead To Adult Crime, Brain Damage     5/28/2008
FDA Warns of Botulism Risk in Chili Sauce     7/19/2007
New Antidotes May Combat Deadliest Poisons     7/6/2007
Lead Poison Symptoms May Confuse Doctors: Report     12/4/2006
Discovery Of Deadly Ricin Closes Senate Buildings     2/3/2004
Toss Out The Ipecac; Pediatric Group Says Syrup Isn't Effective Treatment For Poisonings     11/4/2003

Press Releases
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. Release: Statin Drugs to Aid Heart May Damage Muscle and Kidneys, Reports Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons     3/15/2016
BTG plc (BTG.L) Release: New Data From Largest Prospective Study On CroFab For Treatment Of Copperhead Snake Envenomation     3/9/2016
Hope Pharmaceuticals Releases a New FDA-Approved Antidote for Cyanide Poisoning     8/8/2011
Paladin Labs Inc. (CC:PLB) Obtains Canadian Approval For DigiFab(TM)     1/28/2011
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals (CPIX) Acetadote(R) Approved in Australia for Treatment of Acetaminophen Poisoning     5/11/2010
The Israeli Ministry of Health Elects Kamada Ltd. to be the Exclusive Developer and Manufacturer of Snakebite Antiserums in Israel     8/1/2008
EcoNugenics Release: Clinical Trial on Hospitalized Children Suffering from Lead Poisoning Reveals the Safety and Effectiveness of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)     7/21/2008
DOR BioPharma, Inc. (DORB) Announces Issuance of European Patent for Its Oral Multivalent Botulinum Toxin Vaccine BT-VACC(TM)     7/6/2007
Hemosol (HMSL) To Produce Iron-Binding Drugs For Use In U.S. Clinical Studies     4/4/2005
DOR BioPharma, Inc. (DOR) Initiates New Botulinum Toxin Therapeutic Program; Complements DOR's BT-VACC "Oral Botulinum Toxin Vaccine" Program     2/16/2005
DOR BioPharma, Inc. (DOR) Reports Initiation Of Dosing Of Ricin Vaccine - RiVax - In Phase I Clinical Trial; First Human Clinical Trials Of A Ricin Toxin Vaccine     2/7/2005