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Top Breaking News
Apple (AAPL) CEO Spotted Wearing a Prototype Glucose-Tracker on the Apple Watch     5/19/2017
Fast-Growing Intarcia Awaits Crucial FDA Decision in New Boston HQ     5/8/2017
Pfizer (PFE) Axes 3 Drugs From Pipeline in Q1     5/4/2017
Agreement Reached After Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO) is Accused of Disguising Salespeople and Dealing Kickbacks     5/2/2017
Tech Giant Apple (AAPL) Hires Secret Team of Biomedical Engineers for Treating Diabetes     4/19/2017
This Bay Area Biotech is Being Wooed by Drug Giant Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO)     3/10/2017
Oops, They Did it Again: Theranos Failed to Inform Patients of Potentially Botched Diabetes Test     2/14/2017
Top Harvard Scientist Retracts Diabetes Breakthrough Paper     1/4/2017
Many of Sanofi (SNY) Diabetes Layoffs Likely to be in Massachusetts     12/13/2016
Bernie Sanders Asks the DOJ to Investigate Eli Lilly (LLY), Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO) and Sanofi (SNY)     11/7/2016
New Setback Increases Sanofi (SNY)'s Hunger for a M&A     9/27/2016
Alphabet's Verily, Sanofi (SNY) Launch $500 Million Onduo, Joint Venture to Open New HQ in Kendall Square     9/13/2016
Adocia's Foot Ulcer Med Flunks Phase III Test     8/26/2016
Sanofi (SNY) Loses Lead on New Diabetes Drug After FDA Delay     8/22/2016
Evoke Pharma (EVOK) Stock Decimated After Late-Stage Trial Miss     7/19/2016

News from Around the Web
American Diabetes Association Preview: 5 Things To Watch In Diabetes     6/12/2017
Ways Wearable Technology Could Transform Diabetes Care     6/12/2017
FDA Warns of Leg, Foot Amputations With Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)'s Diabetes Med, Invokana     5/17/2017
This Is How Diabetes Can Damage Your Brain Health, Diabetologia Reveals     5/1/2017
Using A Smartphone And Engineered Cells To Control Diabetes In Mice, Science Translational Medicine Reveals     5/1/2017
Entrepreneurs Are Wearing Implants Made For Diabetes In The Pursuit Of 'Human Enhancement'     4/20/2017
New Test IDs Diabetics Who Are At High Risk Of Kidney Failure, Joslin Diabetes Center Study Reveals     4/19/2017
Wearable Sweat Sensor Could Help Diagnose Diseases Like Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, Stanford University Study     4/18/2017
Is Medtronic (MDT)'s Artificial Pancreas The Next Big Thing In Diabetes?     4/14/2017
Merck & Co. (MRK)'s Diabetes Franchise And The Perils In Proving A Drug's Medical Value     4/12/2017
3 Of The Most Promising Diabetes Meds From 5 Of The Most Innovative Biotechs In The World     3/27/2017
Is There A Link Between Climate Change And Diabetes? Leiden University Medical Center Study Reveals     3/21/2017
A Drug Company Just Struck A Deal To Discount The Price Of A Lifesaving Diabetes Medication To $25     3/17/2017
Bay Area's Livongo Rakes in $52.5 Million     3/17/2017
This Is Big News For Diabetics And Biotech Investors     3/2/2017

Press Releases
Medtronic (MDT) Announces Outcomes-Based Agreement With Aetna For Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Patients     6/26/2017
Medtronic (MDT) Announces Outcomes-Based Agreement With Aetna For Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Patients     6/26/2017
twoXAR Announces Preclinical Proof-Of-Concept Data On Type 2 Diabetes Candidate     6/20/2017
Boston Therapeutics Reports Data From The POC Asia Trial At The American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions     6/19/2017
GeNeuro Announces First Patient Treated In Phase IIa Study With Gnbac1 In Type 1 Diabetes     6/19/2017
American Diabetes Association Release: SGLT2 Inhibitors Are Associated With Reduced Cardiovascular Disease For Patients With Type 2 Diabetes     6/14/2017
Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO) Release: Tresiba Demonstrated No Increased Risk Of Major Cardiovascular Events And Significant Reduction In Rates Of Severe Hypoglycaemia Compared To Insulin Glargine U100 In The DEVOTE Trial     6/13/2017
Lexicon Pharma (LXRX) Release: Sotagliflozin Data From Pivotal inTandem1 And inTandem2 Studies In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Presented At American Diabetes Association 2017     6/12/2017
Regeneron (REGN) And Sanofi (SNY) Announce Positive Results From First Dedicated Studies Evaluating Praluent (Alirocumab) In Individuals With Diabetes And Hypercholesterolemia     6/12/2017
ProMetic Life Sci (PFSCF.PK) Release: New Data Presented By Prometic At American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions Validates PBI-4050's Positive Impact On Kidneys In Patients With Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome     6/12/2017
Merck & Co. (MRK) And Pfizer (PFE) Announce That Investigational SGLT-2 Inhibitor Ertugliflozin Met Primary Endpoint In Two Phase III Studies     6/12/2017
In Senior Adults Treated With Basal Insulin, Switching To Sanofi (SNY)'s Toujeo Halved Hypoglycemia Risk     6/12/2017
New Analysis Shows Sanofi (SNY)'s Soliqua 100/33 Lowered HbA1c by More Than 2 Percent In Patients With Screening Levels Greater Than 9 Percent     6/12/2017
Ascensia Diabetes Care Release: Scientific Studies Addressing BGMS And CGM Accuracy Presented At The American Diabetes Association's 77th Scientific Sessions     6/12/2017
American Diabetes Association Release: African-Americans In New York City Are Two Times More Likely Than White Americans To Have Alzheimer's Disease     6/12/2017