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Google (GOOG)'s Verily to Not Only Tackle Diabetes, But Zika as Well     10/14/2016
Takeda (TKPYY) to Develop Zika Vaccine With Up to $312 Million in Funding From U.S. Government     9/1/2016
FDA Issues Emergency Use of Roche (RHHBY)'s Zika Test     8/29/2016
Inovio Pharma (INO): The Surprising Leader in the Zika Vaccine Race     6/21/2016
Pfizer (PFE) Shows Off TRUMENBA Data from Two Large-Scale Phase III Trials     5/13/2016
Booming Seres Therapeutics Looks to Move Lead Product into Phase III, Expand in Cambridge     4/14/2016
Big Names Like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Merck & Co. (MRK) and Pfizer (PFE) Evaluate Technologies and Existing Vaccines for Ways to Fight Zika     2/3/2016
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Explores Possibility of Vaccine Technology for Zika     1/26/2016
Sanofi Pasteur (SASY.PA) to Launch World's First Dengue Vaccine in Mexico     12/10/2015
Top 10 Best-Selling Biotech Drugs     10/2/2015
Turing Pharma Not Justified in Increasing Daraprim Price by 5,000 Percent, BioSpace Readers Say     9/25/2015
Turing Pharma Becomes Political Football, Donald Trump Weighs In     9/25/2015
Turing Pharma’s Toxoplasmosis Treatment Spikes 5,000% Overnight     9/22/2015
Pfenex (PFNX) Wins $143.5 Million Next-Gen Anthrax Vaccine Contract     8/17/2015
BIO2015 EXCLUSIVE: MedImmune (AZN) Exec Says Key to Ending “Superbugs” Is Personalized Medicine     6/19/2015

News from Around the Web
Stop Bugging Me!: Using Polymers To Reduce Infections     12/16/2016
Infection-Related Deaths Expose Deficiencies In FDA Oversight Of Medical Devices     11/30/2016
Infectious Diseases Keep Delivering Surprises To The U.S.     11/23/2016
Medical Implants Coated With "Slippery Surfaces" Repel Infectious, Harvard Study     11/9/2016
Existing Drugs May Be The Key To Treating Zika, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Reveals     8/30/2016
Lithuanian University Of Health Sciences Scientists Fear Seagulls Carrying MCR-1 Gene Will Worsen Threat Of Drug-Resistant Superbugs     6/28/2016
DNA Tests May Spot Brain Infections, Johns Hopkins University Study     6/27/2016
Ohio Teen Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba     6/23/2016
TANAKA Develops ZIKA Virus Detection Kit     6/8/2016
Massachusetts General Hospital-Developed Device May Provide Rapid Diagnosis Of Bacterial Infections     5/9/2016
Should You Worry About Catching Lassa Fever?     3/18/2016
Mysterious Infection May Have Killed 18 People In Wisconsin     3/10/2016
Bacteria Or Virus? New Tests May Identify What's Causing Your Infection, Duke University Study     3/1/2016
Toddler Dies From An E.Coli After Visiting Petting Zoo     10/8/2015
Probiotics Don’t Prevent Superbugs At Bay In Very Ill Patients, Washington University in St. Louis Study     9/4/2015

Press Releases
PharmAthene, Inc. (PIP) Release: Company And Altimmune Announce Merger To Create Immunotherapeutics Company Targeting Infectious Diseases     1/19/2017
Pulmatrix (PULM) Jumps on News From the FDA     1/18/2017
Protein Sciences Corporation Release: Pharma Zika Vaccine Shows Good Results in Preclinical Testing     1/12/2017
Aravive Biologics Release: New Research Suggests Anti-Viral Role For Anti-AXL Candidate Against ZIKA Virus     1/10/2017
Profectus BioSciences, Inc. Bivalent Vaccine Protects Animals From Infection And Death After Exposure To Chikungunya Or Zika Virus     1/9/2017
KaloBios (KBIO) Announces Positive Guidance From FDA For Benznidazole     1/6/2017
Lancet Infectious Diseases Publishes Independent Double-Blind Study Validating MeMed Diagnostics's Immunoxpert Blood Test's Ability To Accurately Distinguish Between Bacterial And Viral Infections In Children     12/22/2016
Inovio Pharma (INO)’s Zika Vaccine Generates Robust Immune Responses In First Human Study     12/21/2016
College of American Pathologists Release: Archives Of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine To Publish First Peer-Reviewed Special Journal Issue Devoted To The Zika Virus     12/20/2016
Medivir (MVRBF)'s Fusion Inhibitor For The Treatment Of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection, MIV-323, Enters Non-Clinical Development     12/14/2016
CDC Release: Study Finds Zika Virus Replicates And Persists In Fetal Brains And Placentas     12/14/2016
Spotlight Innovation Obtains Exclusive, Worldwide License From Florida State University Research Foundation To Commercialize Therapeutics For Zika Virus Infection     12/13/2016
KaloBios (KBIO) Completes Meeting With FDA For Benznidazole     12/12/2016
Zalgen Labs Launches E-Commerce Platform For Hemorrhagic Fever Products     12/12/2016
Citius Pharma Moves Forward with Mino-Lok Phase 3 Trial     12/8/2016