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Another Controversial High Price Med: National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Rejects Roche's New $152,850 Breast Cancer Drug     8/11/2014
Puma Biotechnology Shares Soar On Breast Cancer Drug Results     7/28/2014
Amgen, Bayer HealthCare's Nexavar Fails Late-Stage Breast Cancer Study     7/25/2014
Pfizer Inc. Backs Out of Funding Puma Biotechnology Cancer Drug Trials     7/24/2014
Celsion Corporation Announces Positive Interim Data Update From Its Phase 2 DIGNITY Study In Breast Cancer     7/24/2014
Pfizer Inc. Pursues Early Approval For Breast Cancer Drug     5/19/2014
Heat On Roche To Cut Kadcyla Price After National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Says "No"     4/23/2014
Stolen Roche Cancer Drug Found On Market     4/18/2014
Puma Biotechnology Plummets On Disappointing Breast Cancer Drug Results     4/9/2014
Pfizer Inc. Continues Its Streak, Phase 2 Breast Cancer Results Wows Investors And Researchers     4/8/2014
Curis, Inc. Announces Removal Of FDA Partial Clinical Hold On CUDC-427     3/31/2014
Roche Wins Battle Over Launch Of Biosimilar Version Of Its Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin     2/7/2014
Pfizer Inc.'s New Breast Cancer Treatment Succeeds In Phase 2 Trial     2/4/2014
AVEO Oncology (Formerly known as AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), Astellas Pharma Inc. Discontinue Phase 2 Trial Of Tivozanib In Breast Cancer     1/30/2014
BioCon Limited Hits Roche First, Set To Launch Biosimilar Of Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin     1/21/2014

Featured Stories
Is Soy A Foe To Women With Breast Cancer? Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Study     9/8/2014
Bras Cause Breast Cancer? Apparently Not, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study     9/5/2014
Study Ties New Gene Mutation To Major Breast Cancer Risk, The New England Journal of Medicine Reveals     8/7/2014
Birth Control Pills May Double Breast Cancer Risk, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study     8/4/2014
Total Darkness During The Night Is A Key To Success Of Breast Cancer Therapy, Tulane University Study     7/28/2014
Association Found Between High Cholesterol And Breast Cancer, Aston University School Of Medical Sciences Study     7/7/2014
No Link Found Between Fertility Drugs And Cancers, University of Illinois Study     7/1/2014
Harmless Virus Kills Cancer And Tumor Cells, Pennsylvania State University Study     6/26/2014
Single Drug Could Soon Cure High Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, University of Missouri Study     6/19/2014
Red Meat Possibly Linked To Breast Cancer, Harvard School of Public Health Study     6/12/2014
Moles Linked To Breast Cancer Risk, Indiana University And Harvard University Study     6/11/2014
Can Mice Mimic Human Breast Cancer? Michigan State University Study Says "Yes"     6/6/2014
Antimicrobial Ingredient In Health Products Spurs Growth Of Breast Cancer Cells, American Chemical Society Reveals     4/25/2014
High-Fat Diets Linked To CertainTypes Of Breast Cancer, Fondazione IRCCS National Cancer Institute Study     4/23/2014
Body Mass Index, Not Body Shape Ups Breast Cancer Risk, American Cancer Society Reveals     4/21/2014

More News
JD Breast Cancer Foundation Praises Ambiance For Generous Donation     9/18/2014
Karmanos Cancer Institute Release: 2014 Komen Detroit Race For The Cure┬« Grants Nearly $900,000 To Local Breast Cancer Programs And Announces 2015 Race Date     9/18/2014
TapImmune Inc. (TPIV) Releases Positive Interim Data On Phase I Clinical Trial Of Folate Receptor Alpha Antigens In Ovarian And Breast Cancer     9/16/2014
Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Reports Consolidated Duke University And Celsion's DIGNITY Study Clinical Data On Thermodox┬« In Recurrent Chest Wall Breast Cancer Published In The International Journal Of Hyperthermia     9/5/2014
Agendia BV Announces Study Showing Molecular Subtyping Can Improve Breast Cancer Treatment     9/2/2014
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Release: Palbociclib Expanded Access Program Now Open To Eligible U.S. Patients With Hr+, Her2- Advanced Breast Cancer     8/21/2014
Research Study At Banner MD MD Anderson Cancer Center Tests New Drug To Fight BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer     8/20/2014
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Announces Submission Of Palbociclib New Drug Application To The FDA     8/18/2014
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MACK) Announces Initiation Of HERMIONE, A Randomized Trial Of MM-302 In Patients With Advanced HER2-Positive Breast Cancer To Support Application For Accelerated Approval     8/11/2014
Susan G. Komen for the Cure And Northern Arizona (Komen CAN AZ) Selects And Retains Ideas Collide To Combat Breast Cancer     8/1/2014
CASI Pharmaceuticals  (ENMD) Receives Approval From CFDA To Conduct Phase 2 Clinical Trial With Enmd-2076 For Triple-Negative Breast Cancer In China     7/21/2014
RedHill Biopharma Ltd. (RDHL) Acquires Phase 2 Oncology Drug MESUPRON® From Wilex AG (WL6.DE)     6/30/2014
AbbVie (ABBV) Announces Initiation Of Pivotal Phase 3 Study Of Veliparib (ABT-888) In Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer     6/26/2014
FDA Approves Bayer HealthCare (BAY)'s Gadavist (Gadobutrol) Injection As The First Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent For Evaluation Of Breast Cancer In The United States     6/12/2014
Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT)/Antigen Express, Inc. (GNBT) Announce Interview Of MD Anderson Cancer Center's Dr. Elizabeth Mittendorf, Principal Investigator On Company's AE37 Phase IIb Breast Cancer Efficacy Trial     6/12/2014