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AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) the “Pony to Ride” for Biosimilar Opportunities, Says UBS     3/16/2015
Analyst: Current Crop of Biotech IPOs a Mixed Bag of Low Market Caps, Little Data     12/3/2014
Best Value In Biotech? Actavis (ACT), Says UBS     11/17/2014
Pierre Fabre Obtains FDA Approval To Market Hemangeo™ For The Treatment Of Infantile Hemangioma     3/18/2014
Warning Letter Resurrects Issue Of KV Pharmaceutical 's Makena     3/17/2014
Janssen Pharmaceutical Inc. 's Topamax Users Blame Drug for Birth Defects     10/16/2013
Gruenenthal Group Issues Apology Over Birth Defects Tied to Thalidomide     9/4/2012
FDA Rejects Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (WPI)/Columbia Laboratories, Inc. (CBRX) Premature Birth Drug; Watson Falls -0.64(1.10%) @ 12:50PM EST     2/27/2012
VIVUS, Inc. (VVUS) Sinks After Diet Drug Ingredient Linked to Oral Clefts     12/28/2011
Abbott Laboratories (ABT)'s Anti-HIV Drug Kaletra Can Cause Adrenal Problems in Newborns     7/6/2011
Columbia Laboratories, Inc. (CBRX) Release: Phase III Trial Of Progesterone For The Prevention Of Preterm Birth In Women With A Previous Preterm Birth Earlier Than 35 Weeks Does Not Meet Endpoints     2/5/2007
Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces First New Drug Treatment In 20 Years For Premature Infants With Patent Ductus Arteriosus     7/20/2006
FDA Strengthens Warning On GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)'s Paxil     12/9/2005
US FDA Unveils Tighter Restrictions On Roche Holding AG's Acne Drug     8/12/2005
Roche Laboratories' Accutane Causing Miscarriages, Major Birth Defects; Tighter Controls Urgently Needed, March Of Dimes Says     2/25/2004

News from Around the Web
For A Tarnished Novavax (NVAX), This Could Be The Only Cure     1/13/2017
Woman Who Acquired Zika Locally In U.S. Had Unusual Rash, University of Miami Study     1/12/2017
An Experimental Zika Vaccine Is Being Tested In Humans — And Bill Gates Is Picking Up The Tab     12/5/2016
Florida Keys Approves Trial Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Fight Zika     11/22/2016
WHO Declares Zika Public Health Emergency Over, Though Threat Remains     11/21/2016
Cuba Is Waging An Organized, Intrusive War On Zika. It's Working     11/10/2016
What's The Next Global Disease Threat? Some Predictions     11/8/2016
Zika Is On The Ballot In Florida — And Science-Based Decision-Making     11/8/2016
Pap Smears May Offer Early Peek At Birth Defect Risk, Wayne State University Study     11/3/2016
Zika Damages Testes And Causes Infertility In Mice, Washington University School of Medicine Reveals     11/1/2016
Thailand Considers Zika Tests For All Pregnant Women     10/3/2016
First Zika Death In The U.S. Was Indeed Caused By The Virus, Officials Say     9/29/2016
Could A Zika Vaccine Break The Vaccine Stalemate?     9/13/2016
Evidence Of Zika Virus Found In Tears, Washington University in St. Louis Study     9/9/2016
The Science Of Why Bugs Are Attracted To Certain People     8/25/2016

Press Releases
Publication In Cell Demonstrates Moderna’s Zika Mrna Vaccine Prevents In Utero Transmission Of Zika Virus In Mice, Protects Against Zika-Related Congenital Damage     7/13/2017
GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX.OB) Awarded NIH Grant For Zika Vaccine     6/19/2017
Alternate Health Announces Completion Of Initial Study To Treat Zika Virus Symptoms With Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids     5/16/2017
ABIVAX Expands Its Antiviral Portfolio With Compounds Targeting Zika Virus     4/13/2017
Zika Virus: Themis Initiates Worldwide First Study With Live Attenuated Recombinant Vaccine     4/11/2017
GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX.OB) To Present Zika Vaccine Data At The 20th Annual Conference On Vaccine Research     4/10/2017
GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX.OB) Reports Promising Results For Zika Vaccine     3/20/2017
Prokarium To Develop First Vaccine To Protect Against Sexually Transmitted & Insect-Borne Zika Infections     9/13/2016
Xenetic Biosciences Announces Collaboration With Excivion, UK, To Develop A Novel Combined Zika and Dengue Vaccine     8/18/2016
DECTRIS EIGER Detectors In The Fight Against Zika Virus     8/5/2016
Evolva’s Nootkatone Enters NIH-Sponsored Studies To Assess Its Effectiveness Against Mosquitoes That Transmit Zika Virus     7/25/2016
International Team Led By Humabs Biomed Identifies Novel Therapeutic Antibody Candidates Isolated From Zika-Infected Patients     7/15/2016
Starpharma Release: VivaGel Active Against Zika Virus     5/5/2016
Kerafast Adds New Zika Virus Antibody To Its Catalog Of Novel Life Science Reagents     5/3/2016
Creative Medical Health Files Patent On Stem Cell Therapy For Zika Virus Neurological Effects     4/25/2016