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Coffee Drinkers—Your Gums May Thank You, Boston University Study     8/26/2014
Controversy Over The Best Way To Brush Teeth, University College London Study     8/11/2014
On The Link Between Periodontitis And Atherosclerosis, Boston University And University of Washington Study     7/11/2014
Gum Disease Bacteria Selectively Disarm Immune System, University of Pennsylvania Study Finds     6/12/2014
New Target For Gum Disease Treatment Discovered, University of Pennsylvania Study     5/28/2014
Heart Attack Risk and Periodontal Disease Share Identical Gene, Kiel University Study     5/26/2009
Light-Activated Therapy may Curb Tooth Disease     3/19/2007
Treatment for Gum Disease Could also Help the Heart, University College London Study Finds     3/5/2007
Periodontal Treatment Doesn't Reduce Preterm Birth     11/2/2006
New Study Finds A Positive Association Between Periodontal Disease And Coronary Heart Disease     9/27/2006
Whole Grain-Rich Diet May Reduce Gum Disease Risk     6/20/2006
Periodontitis May Increase C-Reactive Protein Levels In Pregnancy     5/2/2006
Red Wine Components Modulate Tissue Damage Induced By Bacteria In Gum Diseases     3/10/2006
Grapefruit Helps People With Gum Disease     12/27/2005
Virginia Commonwealth University Study Suggests New Link Between Severe Periodontitis And Cardiovascular Disease     12/2/2005

Press Releases
Acologix, Inc. Launches Second Phase 2 Clinical Study for AC-100 (Dentonin(TM))     5/25/2005
IVAX Corporation (IVX) Receives Final Approval For Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets     5/13/2005
Studies Show IGI, Inc.'s (IG) Novasome Microencapsulation Technology Improves Localized Delivery Of H2 Antagonist For The Treatment And Prevention Of Periodontal Disease     1/27/2005
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CGPI) Announces Completion Of Patient Enrollment For Phase III Clinical Study Of Periostat MR For Adult Periodontitis     11/18/2004
Kaken Pharmaceuticals Reveals Results From Early Phase II Clinical Trial On KCB-1D     10/22/2004
Isolagen, Inc. (ILE) Completes Phase I Dental Study And Begins Phase II Dental Study     5/11/2004
BIOLASE Technology (BLTI) Obtains FDA Clearance For Additional Waterlase (TM) Bone, Periodontal And Soft Tissue Indications     2/4/2004
American Academy Of Periodontology Release: A Blood Test May Reveal Systemic Factors That Relate To Periodontal Disease, Especially In Men     1/22/2004