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Easton Pharmaceuticals (OP: EAPH) And Partner BMV Medica Announce Closing Of First Distribution Agreement For Three Exclusively Licensed Women's Health Products: Vagisense, Amniosense And Gynofit With Windsor Pharma For Central America And The Caribbean

11/1/2016 12:49:48 PM

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TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Oct 31, 2016) - Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC PINK: EAPH) announces it has closed its first Sales & Distribution agreement with Windsor Pharmaceuticals SA for three of its exclusively licensed Women's Health products for Central America and the Caribbean. Windsor Pharmaceuticals SA expects to launch in Q1, 2017, once streamlined regulatory submissions are granted, with sales growing to several million dollars by year three.

The signed agreement includes an up-front cash component and favorable to BMV/Easton transfer pricing. The territories include Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Caribbean Islands, possessing a total population of approximately 58,000,000. Windsor Pharmaceuticals SA has projected sales in excess of $3,000,000 in the second full year after launch of all products, growing for the next few years thereafter as market penetration increases and other products are added to the mix. Focus group research with gynecologists in the region have indicated a strong demand for all three products, supporting the belief in the region that a Company such as Windsor Pharmaceuticals SA with innovative specialty products can fill the current void in product offerings to the Obstetricians/Gynecologists space. Sales are expected to commence within the next quarter following regulatory approval in these territories, a substantially more streamlined process than in the larger countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

Products Overview:

VagiSense: is the current brand name of the BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) patented diagnostic test, planned for launch in Mexico and other larger markets in Latin America, but may be renamed depending on the outcome of partner discussions with multi-national pharmaceutical companies, initiated in late 2015 and early 2016. VagiSense (VS-Sense) is the same product Bayer Pharmaceuticals had licensed and launched in late 2015 in Europe under its brand, Canestest. Prestige Distribution is currently selling in the US under its brand, Monistat, with multi-million dollars in sales and growing.

Gynofit: European-Union approved natural treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), potentially eliminating the use of antibiotics in women with BV and promoting optimal vaginal health. BV is expected to affect the vast majority of women at some point in their lives.

AmnioSense: patented amniotic fluid leak test will be marketed in two presentations to capture maximum market, and is a unique Point-of-Care diagnostic panty liner for women in late-stage pregnancy able to distinguish between urine and amniotic fluid (breaking of water).

In parallel, Easton/BMV expects to finalize discussions for Mexican Sales & Distribution with a multinational Pharma Company specialized in Women's Health for launch of two products in January/February of 2017. The Mexican market alone is eight times that of Central America. The regulatory status in Mexico is that all three products have been approved for sale in Mexico, so no delays are expected for launch once the Distribution Agreements are finalized.

In other developments, Easton will shortly disclose positive updates regarding its Paclitaxel and Docetaxel cancer drug licensing initiatives, licensing rights acqusitions of sought after patented diagnostic products for other large territories as well as provide updates on initiating discussions with an Ontario, Canada based Medical Marijuana company who have received a letter to build and are in the late stages under the MMPR system in Canada.

About Windsor Pharmaceuticals

Windsor Pharmaceuticals SA is a recently founded pharmaceutical company focused on the distribution and commercialization of gynecological therapies and devices in Latin American countries. Windsor's leadership is a team of experienced managers with a proven track record in Women's Healthcare in leading multi-national companies across different locations of Latin America. In the coming years, Windsor will be collaborating closely with Easton Pharmaceuticals/BMV Medica and expand its footprint and product portfolio across an increasing number of Latin American countries.

About Easton Pharmaceuticals

Easton Pharmaceuticals is a diversified specialty pharmaceutical company involved in various pharmaceutical sectors and other growing industries. The Company previously developed and owned an FDA-approved wound-healing medical device and currently owns topically delivered drugs to treat cancer and other therapeutic products to treat various conditions that are all in various stages of development and approval. Easton has partnered with BMV Medica and together own the exclusive distribution in Mexico and Latin America for patented women's diagnostic products and two generic cancer drugs. Easton has made additional investments into AMFIL Technologies, a company involved in the medical marijuana and other industries. The company's gel formulation is thought to be an innovative and unique transdermal delivery system that can in the future be adaptable in the delivery of other drugs and Cannabidiol extracts.

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