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Creative Proteomics Launches A Scientific Research Project On Its Protein Quantification Field

11/1/2016 9:39:41 AM

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November 1, 2016, in order to perfect protein quantification related services, Creative Proteomics, a biotech company, decided to launch a scientific research project to test some service items in protein quantification field. This project is mainly focusing on two service items: itraq proteomics and silac proteomics.

“as more and more advanced technologies, to perfect and test our services is really necessary to guarantee the accuracy of customers’ researches related to protein quantification. So this is the main purpose and task of this scientific research project.” said Dr. Lee, senior scientific officer in Creative Proteomics.

iTRAQ-based Proteomics Analysis

In this project, scientists are mainly testing the itraq proteomics service’s function and its features during performed in unbiased untargeted biomarker discovery. During this period, scientists found that this service can promote the comparative analysis of peptide and proteins in all kinds of settings, such as the comparison of normal, disease and drug treated states. So they believe that this service still has great potential for drug discovery fields. By testing its workflow, scientists in Creative Proteomics also found that those steps can be simplified by using advanced LC-MS/MS technique also from Creative Proteomics. Through this scientific test, it will not take a long time for Creative Proteomics to release new service items or improveditraq proteomics service.

SILAC-based Proteomics Analysis

As for silac proteomics analysis service, scientists also tested its function and its workflow to see if there is something needs to be improved. During this test, scientists checked its important role in affecting the dynamic properties and cellular distributions of proteins. By doing this, scientists found that the silac proteomics analysis service from Creative Proteomics also has the ability to determine the specific interaction partners of proteins in cell. Additionally, its advantage also lies in ensuring maximum reproducibility and minimum sample variation. And also the advanced LC/MS technique can affect a lot in dealing with the silac proteomics samples.

“it is really important for a scientist and company to retest function and features of its products and services. Thus, it can form a lot of new feature and applications of this service. I do think this will not be the only chance for Creative Proteomics to do this.” said Dr. Lee.

Indeed, it is also a responsibility for scientists to do something better for their services and products and also the most effective method to win customers’ trust.

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