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CompX Research Institute Announces Publication Of Comprehensive New Theory Of Aging

11/30/2016 10:46:18 AM

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The CompX Research Institute today published "Complex X and the Growth Process A Proposed General Theory of Senescence."  The Institute's 50-page Hypothesis sets forth a conceptual framework that explains why humans lose functionality over time.  Where all prior explanations of the aging process assume that the infirmities of aging are the inevitable result of our genetic programming, the Hypothesis posits that the loss of functionality with aging is the result of our phenotypes (what we are) varying from our genotypes (what we are genetically designed to be).  The aging process results from that deviation increasing over time.

According to the Hypothesis, humans are genetically designed to function perfectly throughout their lifespans.  However, environmental factors cause phenotype to differ from genotype.  The unstated reason why people make health-related lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, not smoking) is to reduce that variation.  The Hypothesis identifies the key, uncorrected environmental factor and how that factor results in the progressive increase in the variation between phenotype and genotype.

"The most important new concept introduced by the Hypothesis is the Growth Process," said the founder of the Institute.  "Scientists have known for ages that loss of function is the result of the accumulation of years of minor damage at the cellular level.  Why didn't evolution provide us a mechanism for repairing that damage?  The Growth Process is that mechanism when activated, it repairs and rejuvenates every organ and system in the human body."  The Growth Process is a separate bodily function that involves the complex interaction of dozens of substances.  The same process that is utilized by fetuses, infants and children is available to adults of any age.  But it must be activated through a particular stimulus.  Due to an environmental factor, adult humans hardly ever activate the Growth Process.  That failure to activate the Growth Process leads to increasing deviation between genotype and phenotype over time the aging process.

The Hypothesis explains not only how the Growth Process works, but also spells out the interventions that will allow anyone to activate the Growth Process.  "We don't have a cure for aging," said the founder.  "Evolution doesn't much care about the cosmetic effects of aging.  But evolution cares deeply about functionality.  The Hypothesis tells us how we can maintain functionality throughout our lifespans.  And since all chronic degenerative diseases are the result of loss of functionality, the Hypothesis provides a blueprint that will result in the eradication of all of those diseases."

The Institute has created a website: that explains the profound implications of the Hypothesis.  The Hypothesis can be downloaded from the website.

 About the CompX Research Institute:

The CompX Research Institute is a nonprofit institution whose mission is to further develop and raise public awareness of the Hypothesis.


Mark Eastman
CompX Research Institute, Inc.

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