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Carpal Aid LLC Release: CarpalAID, A Device To Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Now At Rite Aid Stores Nationwide

7/25/2017 7:26:15 AM

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LOS ANGELES, July 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CarpalAID is a unique medical device that relieves hand pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

CarpalAID offers a one-of-a-kind approach to relieving hand and wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome no drugs, no braces, no surgery. 

Longtime engineer and inventor Joseph Nazari, who suffers from carpal tunnel on both hands, developed CarpalAID after going through painful surgery on one hand. He made it his goal to find an alternative method to relieve his carpal tunnel pain.

After several experiments and a great deal of testing, Nazari came up with a solution when he glued a piece of cardboard to his hand and pulled on it. This immediately relieved the pressure on the median nerve of his hand and the carpal tunnel pain. 

The final product Mr. Nazari developed CarpalAID   is a clear, strong plastic hand patch with a strip of medical grade adhesive that is worn on the palm. The concave structure of the patch and the adhesive pull up the soft tissue of the hand  to relieve pressure on the median nerve.

"My personal mission is to help people to avoid surgery by using CarpalAID," Nazari said of the reason why he developed the device for the public.

Carpal tunnel pain is caused when pressure is put on the median nerve of the hand. Repetitive motion and other factors such as hormonal or other health problems can put pressure on the median nerve. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects more than 5 million Americans in the workforce. They include computer users and typists, meat and fish packers, musicians, smokers, construction workers, assembly line workers, retail cashiers and checkers, dentists, hair stylists, and many more. 

Women in the workforce are three times as likely to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, CTS can also strike women who are pregnant or going through menopause.

Until now, the only treatments for hand pain relief due to carpal tunnel syndrome have been painful surgery, the use of steroids or anti-inflammatory painkillers, or uncomfortable hand braces or gloves. 

CarpalAID is low-cost, ranging from $11.95 to $32.95, and is covered by some insurance plans. In many cases, the hand patch relieves pain in as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

CarpalAID can now be found at Rite AID stores nationwide. It can also be purchased online at

Mr. Nazari, or a CarpalAID team member, is available for interview. High res images are available upon request.

More information about CarpalAID can be found here. Watch how CarpalAID is made here.

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Laura Tate
Director of Media Outreach 

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