Senior Staff Chemical Engineer, Process Development - San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Biospace
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Senior Staff Chemical Engineer, Process Development

10X Genomics

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Posted Date:
Position Type:
Full time
Job Code:
Required Education:
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Process Development,

Job Description

10X Technologies is a Bay Area start-up developing new technologies for breakthrough next generation sequencing applications. The core technology combines advances in chemistry, biochemistry, microfluidics and computational biology.

10X is looking for an outstanding individual to be responsible for taking processes from concept feasibility to full implementation in a commercial manufacturing facility.  The position requires a technical understanding of various chemistries from organic synthesis, polymerization and oligonucleotide chemistries.  Based upon your understanding of these chemistries develop, characterize and optimize processes required to manage these chemistries at volume in production.  The idea candidate will have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on a unique combination of knowledge in surfactants, polymers, fluid handling and molecular biology.

Key Responsibility
•   Develop, characterize and optimize a broad range of chemistry based production processes.
•   Integration of these chemistries into various fluidic handling mechanisms.
•   Experimentation to develop a deep understanding of the underlying reaction mechanisms and interactions, cause and effect, failure modes, guard band studies and optimization using DOE methodologies.
•   Identify and optimize any compounding factors, such a temperature, environment, workflow, pressures, reagent concentrations that could impact the resulting product.
•   Scale up and develop alternative production processes to meet demand as 10x Genomics continues to grow.
•   Develop process QC methods to ensure processes are in control.
•   Implement statistical process control tools.
•   Verification that the output manufactured products meet all requirements.
•   Install and verify equipment, document processes and train operators.


•   PhD in Chemical Engineering, with additional knowledge in surface chemistry, polymers, analytical methods, and molecular biology.
•   5 years relevant experience developing successful processes in the life science industry.
•   Ability to integrate a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines.
•   Ability to design meaningful experiments and in depth analysis of results. Experience using statistical tools, such as JMP, is beneficial.
•   Ability to develop, validate and transfer process to manufacturing or OEM vendors.
•   Strong collaboration and communication skills.
•   Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization, with a compelling technology, and taking products and processes to the next level.