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Emeryville, CA
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Position Type:
Full time
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Required Education:
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Engineering, Scientist,

Job Description

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zymergen is a technology-driven company applying radical new methods to design and improve microbes by rewriting their DNA. This capability allows us to generate novel chemicals, advanced materials, and pharmaceuticals far faster and at lower costs than competing technology. Our approach combines biology, robotic automation, and proprietary computational and analytic methods to industrialize what is otherwise a slow, risky process.
Currently, we are working with large industrial partners helping them improve their existing production microbes. We are in contract and advanced discussions with a variety of Fortune 100 companies. Over time we expect to develop a large portfolio of our own products, ranging from drop-in replacements for existing chemicals to advanced materials to life-saving therapeutics – all generated from green, renewable raw materials.
Growing our business requires technical development work: to establish new molecular biological techniques, to move existing protocols to robotics workstations, and to create workflows that enable high throughput microbe engineering and evaluation.

Zymergen is hiring a distinctive Scientist to develop CRISPR/Cas9-based technology for high-throughput engineering of microbial genomes. The Scientist will invent new technologies, bring in cutting edge protocols described in the literature, and extend existing Zymergen protocols to provide newer and better workflows to our microbe engineering Factory. The Scientist will work together with other scientists, automation engineers, and software engineers to deploy these new technologies in our microbe engineering Factory. In addition, the Scientist will be part of the foundational technical team and will have the opportunity to shape the scientific environment and establish best practices within a growing company.

Immediate responsibilities involve:
•   Developing CRISPR/Cas9-based technology for editing and/or manipulating microbial genomes
•   Optimizing CRISPR/Cas9-based technology for genome engineering and deploying the technology into our high-throughput microbe engineering Factory
•   Identifying and developing the next generation techniques for DNA assembly, microbe transformation, and genome editing.
The Scientist will work within the team responsible for the upgrade path for the central technology platform at Zymergen. Projects handled by the team include short term optimization projects and long term high risk and high impact development projects. This Scientist will be an early member of the team and will contribute both to the technical and cultural foundations within the growing company.


We favor candidates with formal training (PhD, or equivalent experience) in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, or related fields. We prefer candidates with a history of successfully developing CRISPR/Cas9-based technologies in the field of molecular biology. Lastly, we look for candidates who have demonstrated creativity and problem solving in a variety of fields.
We favor a Scientist with experience in some or all of the following areas.
Biology and Chemistry:
•   Expertise handling and engineering eukaryotic and/or prokaryotic microbes.
•   Understanding of genetics and gene regulation for a variety of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes.
•   Familiarity developing CRISPR/Cas9-based technologies for genome engineering.
•   Proficiency with techniques to build DNA assemblies, transform microbes and edit microbial genomes.
Advanced Tools:
•   Adept at utilizing laboratory automation (Agilent, Tecan, Beckman, and others) to assist with complicated or lengthy workflows
•   Competent in using statistics to strengthen experimental design and enable robust data analysis
•   Success in tech transfer of materials and processes (e.g. to our Factory teams).
Our facility is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.