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Research Associate

PACT Pharma, Inc.

Pasadena, CA
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Position Type:
Full time
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Required Education:
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Assay, Cell Biology, Cell Culture, Drug Discovery, Flow Cytometry, Laboratory, Research, Research Assistant, Research Associate: Cell Biology,

Job Description

PACT Pharma is an exciting new company with laboratories in Hayward, CA and Pasadena, CA.  PACT was created to develop adoptive T-cell therapies for the treatment of cancer.  PACT utilizes technology licensed from the laboratories of Drs. Heath and Baltimore (Caltech) to identify T cells that recognize mutations that are specific to each patient’s cancer.  The unique T-cell receptor (TCR) sequences obtained from these neoantigen-reactive cells are then expressed on T cells from the patient’s own blood to produce PACT’s therapeutic product: an army of fresh, active T cells that, following infusion into the patient, recognize and attack each patient’s unique cancer cells.
We are currently seeking a Research Associate in Cellular Biology.  This full-time opportunity will be for one year with the possibility to be extended.  The following position is located in Pasadena, CA.

Research Associate – Cellular Biology
You will prepare various tissue samples for culturing and cell sorting, and to use multicolor fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) to sort various immune cell phenotypes, and then to further culture those separated phenotypes.  In some cases, the associated will be expected to work with vendors to obtain specific reagents, and to validate the quality of those reagents, and to assist in the execution of various cellular and biomolecular assays. The associate is expected to carry out routine care and maintenance of the associated FACS, tissue culture, and assay equipment.  Experience in culture of mammalian cells, working with patient tissues, experience with FACS highly preferred.

Duties for this position include:
•   Working with vendors to obtain reagents in a timely manner, and working to validate those reagents
•   Working within a team of researchers to prepare reagents for the analysis of patient cells, and collaborating on that analysis
•   Develop specific protocols and SOPs for chemical or biomolecular reagent production, as appropriate, according to Company Guidelines
•   Routine maintenance of specific equipment and facilities


Position requires:  B.Sc./M.Sc. in Cell Biology or Bio-chemical Engineering or a related field, or equivalent technical training with a minimum of 2 years of post-graduate experience in a closely related field.