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Production Chemist

Lab Support, A Division Of On Assignment

San Carlos, CA
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Required Education:
Bachelors Degree
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Job Description

Production Chemist

Full -Time Temporary

Job Description:
The position involves chemical production under standard operating procedures (SOP), hands-on synthesis of organic, inorganic and/or organometallic compounds for the production of advanced functional materials, cleaning glassware, cleaning equipment and final product delivery. Tasks include: synthesis, purification and
identification of important molecular precursors, product molecules, functional material precursors and other tasks to be assigned. Glovebox and/or Schlenk line techniques will be used to prepare, purify, characterize and manipulate products and key components of the Company chemical technology. Purification techniques for starting materials, precursors and final products include but are not limited to: distillation, sublimation,
crystallization, thin layer and column chromatography. Molecular characterization may include NMR, IR, UVvis, Mass Spectrometry, LC, LC/MS. Candidate will learn and follow all Company SOPs, organize characterization data/procedures, maintain syntheses products and clean/maintain equipment and work environment. Experience with SOP production chemistry, product characterization, comparison to quality control standards will be required. Candidate must be detail oriented, ready to work in a clean environment and on a production schedule time table.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:
• Carry out SOP chemical reactions on a gram to multi-kilogram scale
• Produce high quality materials that meet required Company product specifications
• Purify starting materials, precursors and products.
• Record production data of all results in SOP Batch Record forms
• Plan, manage and track SOP production progress including monitoring timelines, raw materials,
equipment availability and yields to ensure success on a production schedule timeline.
• Clean and maintain glassware, equipment and production areas
• Perform or prepare materials for routine analytical procedures to validate product requirements (i.e. TLC, NMR, HPLC, LC/MS, Mass Spec)
• Lift, carry, and/or move production equipment and supplies
• Prepare production areas for project initiation or changeover
• Work under industrial safety and quality control guidelines


Candidate Qualifications:
Education: B.S. or B.A. in chemistry including organic chemistry coursework
Experience: SOP Production and scale-up experience is required. 3+ years post graduate industrial experience in multi-step SOP chemical synthesis is required. Candidate must have industrial organic synthesis experience including air-free manipulation and storage (i.e. Schlenk line equipment and inert atmosphere glovebox). Candidate must be independent and experienced in setting up and maintaining required laboratory equipment for daily operations. The position requires industrial experience with standard characterization and purification tools such as: NMR, IR, UV-vis, Thin Layer/Column Chromatography, LC, GC, GC/MS and LC/MS.