Ontology Engineer - Redwood City, CA | Biospace
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Ontology Engineer


Redwood City, CA
Posted Date:
Position Type:
Full time
Job Code:
Required Education:
Bachelors Degree
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineer, Biotechnology, Engineering, Information Systems,

Job Description

The Ontology group is responsible for QIAGEN's large, high-quality Knowledge Base of biological concepts, and its use to integrate content curated from the literature and public databases into our customer applications. As a member of this group, you will join a dynamic cross-functional team composed of biologists, ontologists, bioinformaticians and software engineers working on truly cutting-edge technology. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with interdisciplinary training in biology and computer science to contribute to the advancement of science and healthcare!

- Develop models to store and organize biological concepts and relationships in a consistent and computable manner
- Develop processes to acquire and integrate new types of content from both structured and semi/un-structured sources into the knowledge base
- Integrate content into customer applications to support new features and enhancements
- Think critically about our technology and processes to propose and develop scalable and automated methods for expanding, testing and maintaining the knowledge base.


- Basic understanding of molecular biology and genetics concepts
- Proven ability to solve problems using programming and scripting skills, especially in Perl and/or Java.
- Proficiency with database design and query languages (e.g. SQL)

- Knowledge of one or more of the following: ontology, semantic technology, Artificial Intelligence, biomedical text mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP) or expert systems.
- Experience with biological databases and ontologies such as GO, RefSeq, OMIM, PubMed, etc.
- Experience with data integration from disparate sources such as flat files, XML, etc.
- Experience automating workflows/pipelines using tools such as Ant, Hudson etc.
- Knowledge of software development best practices, quality controls, testing techniques.  
- Graduate degree in bioinformatics or computational biology; or in core computer or biological sciences with cross-training or experience in the other.
- Excellent critical and analytical thinking with strong attention to detail.
- Energetic and open-minded individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Enthusiasm to learn new technologies, explore diverse content, and algorithms.