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LabView Specialist Engineer

Apex Life Sciences

Livermore, CA
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Position Type:
Job Code:
Required Education:
High school or equivalent
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Automation, Engineering, Software,

Job Description

Company manufactures controls for electric vehicles, such as forklifts, golf cars, and on-road electric vehicles.  The office in Livermore, CA is responsible for the design of electric motor controllers.  In addition to product design, we perform engineering verification, supply our factories with automated production test systems, provide specific customer support for their vehicle designs, and create engineering tools for collecting, analyzing, and manipulating data.


This temporary position starting in the summer of 2017 will support the development of various equipment interface systems detailed on the following page.  The software language used for these will primarily be National Instrument’s LabView, though Ladder Logic and C-based languages will also be used.  The temp will work under the direction of an engineer to design, code, and debug relevant software.  Additionally, various integration tasks will require skills with electrical hardware, mechanical fabrication, and procedural documentation.


Configure PCs with appropriate software & drivers.
Study, re-compile, deploy existing software revisions.
Investigate issues and tasks according to priority presented.
Take thorough notes on direction and keep running log of research, obstacles, milestones.
Seek assistance from supervisor, peers, or tech support for difficult problems.
Wire cables with appropriate prep, solder, crimp techniques.
Compile, test, de-bug, comment and document code in collaboration with others.
Prepare summary of code & research periodically to supervisor and presentation of accomplishments to peers at end of project.

Dyno system for motor/controller evaluation is being upgraded in LabView to include sequencing of multiple devices.  Communications coding and synchronization across test & measurement equipment required for back-end functionality of existing GUI.

implement updated GUI to accommodate new feature set
updated communications via GPIB with remote power supplies
handshaking and verification of connected peripherals
troubleshoot inconsistent operation from devices
investigate driver/instrument initialization problems
report delay time of commands and record in log file
error handling of power supply faulty data and cpu overload
add vibration and temperature monitoring capabilities


LabView Expertise
Familiarity with Ladder Logic or C-based languages