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Director/Manager of Functional Proteomic Informatics

Abmart(shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shanghai , China
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Full time
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Job Description

Exciting Bio-pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Dear young and ambitious scientists,

The pharmaceutical industry in China steps into a blooming and creative time providing rare opportunities for precision medical therapy, tumor immunity, cell therapy, antibody medicines and other fields. The past several years has seen creation of a series of innovative functional proteomics and patent antibody techniques including Monoclonal Antibody Library (Abome), Antibody chips and precision proteins. These unique techniques solved multiple challenges of bio-pharmaceuticals and laid the foundation for “Successful Careers” in antibody pharmaceutical industry.

We are a biopharmaceutical company founded by scientists (foreign investment) and are rapidly developing with aims to expand staff from 150 to 500 by 2017. We are expecting to attract a group of outstanding and ambitious scientists. We have a free, inspiring, responsible and cooperative culture.

Here, you will continue to challenge the most difficult bio-pharmaceutical problems, conduct research on breakthrough technologies, and publish top-class articles (We are ONLY interested in top level research!). Meanwhile, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to solve specific diagnosis and pharmaceutical problems, enhancing your management skills, and becoming a leader.

Put behind financial problems, innovative ideas are your only worries. In order to guarantee your success, we offer:

Competitive starting salary
Leadership opportunities (PI system, normally one leads 3-5 research scientists)
Independent responsibility of product development (continuous improvement system)
You hold the right to develop innovative products and gain benefits (award: cash/ stock)
Cooperation with elite, intelligent team members (always challenging, never boring)

We are determined to change this business and hope you are too. We are an ideal of having plum financial returns and hope you are too. We are enthusiastic about developing innovative diagnostic methods, unique technologies, more effective anti-tumor medicines, and saving lives. We hope you are too.

If you have succeeded in your studies already, and have big dreams, you are very welcome to contact us right now. We need you. Chinese biological businesses need you. Please join us to create a great biotechnological company together, to make your dreams come true.

Below describes the target and personnel requirements for Functional Proteomic Informatics.


-Based on our platforms of protein research/ antibody technology/ functional proteomics, provide basic research, bioinformatic services for transformed medicals and bio-pharmaceutical research.
- Deep data mining ---- combine the results of proteomic research on each project, dig into the large data sets and search for valuable new functional protein targets,  new biomarker and functional protein data.

Goals: 2016-2017

-Complete construction of the technological platform, including team building, hardware and software deployment and development.
-Provide bioinformatic services for protein research/antibody technology platform supplies and products, and help launch them into market.
-Through data mining, analysis, and optimization, guide and assist salesmen and Marcom.
-Complete collaborative projects and product developmental programs through commercial teams.


Where to play? (Market choices)

-Transformed high-level doctors from Chinese hospitals.
-Research and applied scientists in agriculture, forestry, livestock farming and fisheries in China.
-Global pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

How to win? (Methods choices)

-Develop unique antibody chip data processing softwares by using DNA chips and protein chips and provide informatics services for antibody chip programs (mainly in transformed medical and medicine field), such as chip image processing, statistical analysis of differentially expressed proteins.
-Combine all the research findings and find valuable new protein targets and biomarkers.
-Construct unique proteomic databases, especially for small species of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries. The databases include protein annotation, pathway annotation, protein abundance, subcellular localization/ transmembrane prediction and more. Provide informatics services for antibody chip projects and mass spectrometry programs.
-Through public information, such as research papers and lab websites, precisely find potential customers (or individuals), enhancing sales and market efficiency.


-Definition: construct core teams
-Size: administration and technique members (10 members in 2017).
-Who: Talented scientists as bioinformaticians or data miner engineers.

Build technique platform which can be used for:
-Designing antibodies
-Analyzing and processing chip data.
-Analyzing and processing mass spectrometry.
-Analyzing and annotating in proteomics.
-Deep mining large data for individual project.
-Targeting potential customers to individuals.
-Achieve high satisfaction with cooperative clients (inside and outside).   
-Screen out and establish a technical advisory/ field expert committee (external experts).


Personnel plan for functional proteomic informatics
One director: takes responsibility for several groups
Such as:

-Antibody/ antigen informatics group
-Mass spectrometry informatics group
-Chip informatics group
-Proteomic and genomic informatics group
-Large data mining group
-Market informatics group
-One manager in each group
-Each group contains 3-5 scientists (PhD or MS)

Requirement for director (Director in Abx)

-Reach the goals in OGSM. Must be capable of setting the direction, cooperating with the team, leading the team, recruiting team members, constructing platforms (software and hardware, workflow), finishing projects, and cooperating with external teams and promoting new products.

-Technical/ academic background: Excellent research background (ideally 2 IF10 or more articles) and traceable record of bioinformatics / big data mining.

-Administrative requirement: Track record with successful team management or leadership potential.

-Personal quality: ambition, enthusiasm, high learning ability, and courage to be a great inspiring leader.

Manager (group leader) requirements (Abx Senior Fellow)
-Ability to lead a team of junior scientists, build a technological platform, successfully finish projects, and improve research skills

- Technical/ academic background: Excellent research background (ideally one or more IF 10 articles) and traceable record of bioinformatics / big data mining.

-Administration requirements: No experience required, but great potential to be a great leader and administrator.

-Personal quality: ambition, enthusiasm, high learning ability, courage to be a great inspiring leader.