DIRECTOR, HTS OPERATIONS - Emeryville, CA | Biospace
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Emeryville, CA
Posted Date:
Position Type:
Full time
Job Code:
Required Education:
Bachelors Degree
Areas of Expertise Desired:

Job Description

Zymergen is a technology company combining biology, automation, and software to create novel chemicals, advanced materials, and pharmaceuticals much faster and at lower cost than current approaches.  Along with other projects, the company is partnered with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to improve and optimize microbes and has a multi-year contract with the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) to develop 360 new materials for a wide array of applications.  Given this scope, we are rapidly expanding our High-throughput Screening (HTS) Operations.

Zymergen is hiring a Director / Associate Director, HTS Operations, to oversee daily production operations of high-throughput screening at the well-plate scale.  The Director will manage and expand several teams of research associates performing experiments across multiple programs using a variety of organisms and model systems.

In addition to Operations management, the Director will represent the organization in or lead projects such as lab expansion, new technology implementation, and reorganization of team structure and work shifts.  The Director will partner with Software, Automation, and Facilities teams to improve success rates, quality of results, equipment performance, and data analysis.  The successful candidate will have the opportunity to shape the scientific environment and establish best practices within a growing company.

Specific Responsibilities

•   Direct management of HTS Operations teams performing routine and ad hoc plate-scale fermentation work for multiple programs in a variety of organisms.
•   Implement systems and approaches in Operations to improve efficiency and success rates.
•   Represent the HTS organization in staffing and budget forecasts.
•   Develop the staffing plan for the team, including defining roles and building and executing on a hiring and personnel growth plan.
•   Expand and systematize training plans for HTS Operations staff.
•   Support troubleshooting as needed, advising engineers and scientists responsible for technical solutions.
•   Lead cross-functional teams transferring new HTS processes into Operations
•   Identify areas where existing technology can be better used and where new technology is needed, increasing quality and capacity while reducing turnaround time.
•   Work with Fermentation Science and Data Science teams to identify and evaluate additional data streams.
•   Work as an effective team member alongside colleagues from Genome Engineering, Fermentation, Analytical Chemistry, Software Engineering, Data Science, Automation, Facilities, and Finance.


We favor candidates who have achieved some or all of the following:

•   Hired, trained, and managed teams screening large libraries in high throughput, yielding high-quality data.  This may be inside or outside the field of industrial biotechnology.
•   Acquired, installed, and validated laboratory automation, particularly for new uses.
•   Run plate-based fermentations or managed teams running plate-based fermentations for diverse eukaryotes and prokaryotes generating a variety of products: small and large molecules, enzymes, or biomass.
•   Developed and implemented work processes to maintain low rates of contamination and process deviation.
•   Demonstrated success transferring technology into an operations environment.
•   Worked alongside strain build, fermentation, and analytical chemistry teams to form a contiguous strain evaluation platform.
•   Experience working with a variety of microbes, understanding cell physiology, media development, and analytical chemistry techniques used to evaluate experiments at this scale.