Build & Release Engineer - Santa Fe, NM | Biospace
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Build & Release Engineer

OpenEye Scientific Software

Santa Fe, NM
Posted Date:
Position Type:
Full time
Job Code:
Required Education:
Bachelors Degree
Areas of Expertise Desired:
Software Development,

Job Description

Our build system covers Windows, Linux and macOS for software that is released in a waterfall fashion. We release toolkits across four languages and applications as CLI and Qt-based GUIs. You will be responsible for implementing and managing build and release processes alongside our Release Manager. You will also ensure that OpenEye's internal software development groups are configuring, building and testing product software releases in a consistent and reproducible fashion.
You are not expected to be an expert in every technology we currently use and we do not know which technologies we might adopt in the future. Therefore, a willingness to learn independently is crucial to succeed in this role.


•   Track record of developing and implementing process automation using scripting languages and software packaging techniques.
•   Experience with build systems and cross-platform build tools (CMake, Make, Ninja, Visual Studio).
•   Experience with source control and CI/CD systems (Git, TeamCity).
•   Development experience using multiple programming/scripting languages including Python and Bash.
•   General virtualization and Linux system administration experience. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
•   Working in a team.

The following are a plus, but not required:
•   Strong knowledge of Microsoft products including Visual Studio, PowerShell, installer tools.
•   Familiarity with multiple programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, and C#.
•   Experience with container technologies (e.g. Docker).
•   Experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2).
•   Experience with virtualization and deployment tools (VMware, Hyper-V, Ansible).
•   Background in Linux system administration.